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The Mane 6's future offspring get stuck in the past and now their mothers must help them get back, or else be stuck in this time forever! With the help of the Royal Sisters, Doctor Whooves, Princess Cadence, and Shining Armor, can they do it? Hilarity ensues.

Supporting Cast: Princess Cadence and Princess Luna
Sorry, this is cancelled so don't bother reading it. Thank you!

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Back to the future.... I have waited too long for this

Lol. Needs a little fixer upper. A few edits here and there. But I get what your trying to convey...and its awowome!

You get a fav from me just for the sheer originality of the story. Hope to see more.

Uhh, well... I like the idea, but I'm having difficulty keeping track of all the 10 new characters... And the encounter scene wasn't really that interesting or exciting since it seemed like the author wanted to get it out of the way. If he did, that's fine, but it definitely could've been way more fun.

Unfortunately though, I have a gut feeling it's gonna be like that the rest of the story.

5069468 No, it's not. The real fun will most likely start in chapter 3, and then the party cannon's comin' out in like chapter 4. :trollestia:
Also, they'll have names (the 10 new characters). I'm writing chapter 2 right now, so hang in there, because they'll all be explained and identified in that chapter, which I have a feeling I'll dish out pretty fast (the chapter). :pinkiehappy:

5069164 A friend of mine, lazyreader19, gave me the name. And I decided to write it down just so I can satisfy people like you. :trollestia:

5070617 well tell the lazy reader that he is a genius!

Thank ya kindly, glad you appreciate it :ajsmug:

Speaking of Back to the future, just randomly thought of this :rainbowlaugh:

"You have to get the chariot to run over 88 My Little Ponies per hour, so you can go back to neigh-teen hay-tee five" -DocLestia :trollestia:
okay, so it's pretty stupid, I'll admit

"No. No. No! Nononononono! No, NO!" Constellation panicked as his eyes turned to pinpricks.

"This can't be happening!" Kamikaze said frantically.

Looks like they've inherited their mother's proneness to panic attacks.

i have a very very important question WHERE THE DOCTOR i mean WHERE DOCTOR WHOOVES

5107233 Fret not, child, for he will come soon.

In time, my child, in time.

5107774 did you just call the King of the City of Elysium and Ruler of the Mammoth Empire of the gloriuous nation of Aristoska a child...
that takes courage you got my respect
also... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mxHe8T_QVA

5112385 YES! You have gained my respect also...

Bowties are cool...

Finally read it! Figured I'd just post that XD

Also I wonder what Spike is like in their future :ajsmug:

5138068 :rainbowlaugh:LOL I haven't thought of that....


Although it is cute...:rainbowkiss:

I wasn't implying that, though it is a shame. I like Sparity :raritydespair:
In any case I meant like, does he grow big in their future? How would they react to him being small now? Or maybe he stays small. Or maybe he's famous, or maybe he's not. Given the Twilight/Spike brother/sister type bond, he could at least be their uncle in spirit.

So I'm just curious as to how our Number 1 Assistant is received by the children. Not that that is a main focus, and you just said you didn't think about it. But it still sounds like an interesting thought. :moustache:
Maybe now you're thinking about it :pinkiecrazy:

5138269 Actually, now that I've thought about it, I'll have Spike be the foals' sitter, and he's so normal that they had no reaction to him. Also unless Spike become's greedy, he'll never really grow. And I'll just have Spike and Rarity be really close friends. :pinkiehappy:

And fine. I'll think about some Sparity in other stories. Just not this one. The shipping is suddenly unusually cute for some reason. :rainbowkiss:

:moustache: + :duck: = :heart:

Maybe he'll grow anyway. You never know if just biology ever effects dragons too =P
But the show hasn't shown any hints of that, so who knows.

Also glad you are taking to Sparity so well, I did not expect the complete 180 to happen :rainbowlaugh:
I mean you don't have to write anything, I was just naming a ship that this site has gotten me into. Though if you are suddenly interested in it, I totally recommend this epic story, or what I thought was awesome anyway. :raritywink:

Of Age (Not clop in case the name insinuated anything)

I do like this story. The writing seems like it could do with more depth and maybe some imagery but this definitely has my attention.

Oh god. Doctor Whooves. Really? XD

Either this'll be really good, or really bad. I just have a feeling. :rainbowlaugh:

Speaking of good, 'twas hilarious to see Shining Armor freak out like that :trollestia:

Hooray next chapter will have the doctor
someone pls insert the opening sequence to doctor who I have a city to run

thank you by the way why do most people call him doctor whooves instead of time turner?

5305755 Because it's like Doctor Who, except it's a pony-fied name: Hooves to Whooves. Get it? :D

5561438 Yes, I'm just have extreme writers block. If you'd like to see something in this story, please tell me!


I may have to read over it again to tell you, but I'll be sure to ,emanation what I'd want if I come up with anything.

ok and the new and improved Buck to the Future story going to have everything it did in this story

6578183 Almost. I'm limiting the ridiculous amount of OCs, stuff like that. Making it better you know? Oh.... my mom's dragging me to Taco Bell 'cause she got cravings. Just look at my newest blog in about 20 minutes; it should be up by then.:trollestia:

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