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After being sucked into the magical land of Equestria, YOU find yourself as the legendary Brony Hero in this exciting interactive adventure. Will you find the Time Orb and restore peace to the land? Or will you marry Fluttershy? Will you defeat the evil demon king Tirek? Or will you marry Luna?

With 21 endings to choose from, only you can decide your fate!

Chapters (62)
Comments ( 3066 )


This was the best thing I've ever read
>not an hero

This....is gonna be fun.

Apparently Princess Celestia doesn't like being seduced... :unsuresweetie:

AND I was just about to do something like this. *shrug*

This is going to the featured bar. I'm saying it right now. This story is absolutely amazing and hillarious. I never would have thought og trying something along the lines of this before. You sir, Are genious.

"There be somethin' on the horizon cap'n!"
"What be it lad!?"
"Featured bar, dead ahead sir!"

well...that sucks.

Jesus Christ, 60+ chapters of 2nd-Person amazing?

Bring it on.

Fluttershy pillow?:fluttershyouch:

Um, no, I would NOT like to seduce Fluttershy:fluttershbad:. And Mountain Dew shrinks your genitals:derpyderp2:, so I'm gonna go ahead and look for ponies.:twilightsmile:

Honestly, we need more choose your own adventure style fanfics. Maybe even an collab between authors, combining their efforts for one awesome story.

Oh, and this was really funny, by the way. :pinkiehappy:

Goddammit. I am both saddened, and amazed by this.

:rainbowhuh: Ctrl Alt E? PRESSING!





>Desperatly searches for any ounce of Spike in it.

>Finds nothing.


i can the appeal of this...how does it work?

I'm going to Sugarcube to look for my Pinkie Bye!

I'm a girl!! :flutterrage:


Start on chapter 1 and follow the options at the end of each chapter!

First try: rabies.
Second try: get shot by police officer.
Third try: get stoned.

all of my wat

friggin fingers

I got a wicked bad tummy-ache.:rainbowlaugh::ajbemused:

Fluttershy Pillow- I.. I love you.

Seriously, this was just tongue enough in cheek for me. Loved it.

That was... amazing. Good job, mate.

Somehow... I knew that ending was the right one...

... somehow...

Well, now I'm emperor.

Yeah, I chose "seduce Fluttershy" and I'd do it again! Haha, love this story man, great job!


wait a goddamn minute, this is very unnerving :pinkiesick:

Every brony's dream come true...

My Little Dashie was horrible anyway. I'm glad it was a coon.
Still, sad story bro.

This can't be THAT fun...

/ off to try


Got annoyed and seduced celestia... Dx

(presses Ctrl, Alt, and E keys at once) It's not working!

10 gallons? What kind of wimp is this guy, taking only 10 gallons. Or maybe he only wants a quick liquid snack.


He's such a badass he could live even on one gallon.

is it weird we all tried pressing cntrl alt Equestria?

im gonna have to make on of these!

also, how do you make the hyperlinks?

What in the F***ing F***?

509977 Holy crap! We're playing as Chuck Norris?!


(spits out Mountain Dew)

"The policeman stares for a while at your dead body, and then takes your half-eaten Subway Melt."

This man right here has the right idea.

1: Do the right thing
2: Do the selfish thing
3: Do the random/weird/wut?!/suicidal thing


Of cou-
Wait, hell no.

Well... I'll be reading this later. :coolphoto:

First time going through this awesomesauce thing, I'll try the more logical stuff.

But the second time, I'll fuck around and see where it takes me. So, note to self: Do 4 next time.

I bet they got Lyra with the same trap

Should I seduce Celestia..

Yes. Yes I should.

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