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Forty Five

Taking matters into your own hands (as well as a large cream bun) you decide to search for Pinkie Pie. “Let’s get this party started!” you shout as you push past Mrs Cake and into the rest of Sugar Cube Corner.

Past the main shop stretches the rest of the house – it’s pretty large with a huge kitchen and sitting room, and myriad other rooms that seem to randomly branch off from each other. Realising the best way to search is in a methodical manner, you endeavour to start in the basement and work your way up room by room.

The stairs to the basement creak heavily as you walk down. You scrabble for a light switch or lantern, but there is nothing to hand. “Hello?” you call into the darkness as you move further downwards. Your eyes slowly adjust to the gloom, picking out a table with various indistinguishable objects on it. “Hello? Pinkie?” Your voice wavers slightly as you uncertainly move forwards, testing the floor with each footstep in case you should trip and fall.

“hEhEhE!” A ragged laugh cuts through the air, and a pair of bright blue eyes pop open in the pitch black. “Hello Brony Hero, I’ve got a… surprise for you!” It’s unmistakably Pinkie’s voice, but standing in the blackness with her, it doesn’t feel like a fun voice. There is another peal of laugher as she suddenly lunges towards you. “And that surprise is DEATH!”

What will you do?
Try to fight Pinkie off
Accept your fate