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Sixty One

You furrow your brow in anger, whacking your fist against the window harder. “No, I’m the Brony Hero! You have to open up!” Your heart sinks at the thought that you might not get to see Rarity.

“I don’t care, I’m busy!” The response cuts you like a dagger. You realise that Rarity probably didn’t hear you properly; since if she knew the Brony Hero was outside she’d have opened the door and flung herself at you.

You proceed to smash your fist against the window. “I’m the Brony Hero! Brony Hero! Brony HeARGH!” You scream as your fist crashes through the glass, shards of glass lacerating your arm. Instantly you whip your arm out; unfortunately this causes more cuts in your arm as you stagger backwards and fall onto the ground. “Why…!” you weep as you twitch in agony. “Why Rarity, why…”

After a few moments, Rarity opens the front door and peers around, not seeing your prone body collapsed at the side of the house. “Huh…” she mutters. “He must have gone already!”


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