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“Princess Celestia, we need to talk!” You run back into throne room, disturbing a meeting that is taking place. You know that as Brony Hero, you are far more important than whatever boring ponies are meeting the princess.

“Very well!” Celestia stands before her throne, waving a hoof at the ponies who were petitioning her. “Leave me, Society for Orphaned Ponies. There will be another chance to request funding this time next year, I hope we will be able to complete our business then!” Celestia settles her haunches upon her throne and smiles at you. “Well Brony Hero, what have you to report?”

You look grim. “Nothing princess. I’m really stuck and I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. I’m just wandering about aimlessly. Tell me more of the Time Orb!”

“Ah!” The princess looks thoughtful for a moment. “Brony Hero, the Time Orb is one of the most precious artefacts in all Equestria. Its power is mysterious, its origins unknown. If it has fallen into the wrong hooves then the consequences could be disastrous! It was guarded in this very castle until somepony – or something stole it! All I know is that the thief must have had powerful abilities indeed!”

“Right.” You ponder this in your mind. “So it’s an orb then. Like, a ball.”

“Y-yes…” Celestia stammers. “The clue’s in the name.”

“Okay.” You start to wander towards the exit. “I think I know what I’m doing now princess, thanks for the tip!”

“Brony Hero!” Celestia calls out after you. “You must find the Time Orb! Or we are all doomed!”

What will you do?
Explore the castle to look for clues
Leave the castle to explore Equestria (and find Fluttershy)
Seduce Princess Celestia