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Thirty Seven

“Hello? Hello?” You pound on the door of the Carousel Boutique, which remains stubbornly locked. “Hello? It’s me, the Brony Hero, let me in Rarity!” Frustratingly there is no answer, so with a final kick at the door, you walk away.

Smoke rises from the top of the building, so you know that Rarity is obviously at home; she just must have not realised you were here. Moving around to the side of the building, you find a window and start to rap your fist on it. “HELLO?” You call. “HELLO?”

“Go away!” From inside, Rarity’s voice calls out. “I’m really busy, sorry! Come again tomorrow!”

Shaking your head, you consider your options.

What will you do?
Keep on trying to get Rarity's attention
Explore the rest of Ponyville