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Forty Two

“Sorry Applejack!” you pat Apple Bloom on the head as you backhand the bucket of apples off the table dismissively. “I’ve got to find your sister a purpose in life!” Apple Bloom cheers as you lead her away by the hoof.

“Now, Apple Bloom!” You finally find a secluded spot in the orchard perfect for teaching. “You need to find your purpose in life, right? And then you’ll get your cutie mark?”

Apple Bloom nods slowly, tears welling up in the corners of her eyes. “Ah try and ah try, but ah can’t find mah special purpose!” she trembles, sinking to the ground. “An’ ah’ll be a blank flank forever.”

“Oh, really?” You smirk widely, crossing your arms. “I think you’ll find Apple Bloom, that I am so amazing that meeting me is in fact the most defining moment of your life!” You point at her flank, where a strange spot of light starts to glow and the faint lines of an image appear.

“Mah mark! Mah cutie mark!” Apple Bloom twists awkwardly, eager to see what her life-changing cutie mark will be. It finally shimmers into view.

It is a drawing of your face.

“Fantastic!” You clap your hands together as Apple Bloom bursts into tears, obviously from sheer joy as she runs off sobbing to show her family and friends her wonderful new cutie mark. You wander off, proud at the brilliant job you’ve done in helping that little pony.

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