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You do the only thing that is sensible in such a situation.

“Tee hee hee!” you shout as you leap over Whooves and skip into his TARDIS, the famous spacecraft which is bigger on the inside than the outside. “I’m such a scamp!” You enter the familiar looking blue box, your heart racing as the massive interior swims into view. “This is amazing!” you yelp as you run over to the huge central console that dominates the room of the peculiar craft.

“Stop! Get out of there!” Whooves follows you into the ship, waving his sonic screwdriver around in his mouth. “This is my home, not yours!”

You slowly take in the whole interior, a collection of crazy science-fiction gizmos and junk. “What’s that?” you ask, pointing to a picture of a seal that is hanging on a wall.

“Oh, that’s the Seal of Rassea-lion.” Whooves pauses and then looks shameful. “Oh well,” he sighs, “that was my best joke too.”

“Buttons!” You grin ear to ear as you look at all the buttons and levers on the central console. So many to press, so many inviting buttons!

“Don’t touch!” Whooves moves to try to swat your hands away. “Touch nothing! Press nothing!”

You nod, but out of the corner of your eye you see a big red button labelled ‘BAD WOLF’. It looks pretty inviting.

What will you do?
Leave the TARDIS and explore the rest of the castle
Press the button!
Seduce Doctor Whooves