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Twenty Nine

You rise to your feet, putting yourself between the manager and Fluttershy pillow. “No!” you shout, hoping that your bravery will impress Fluttershy pillow. “No more! I draw the line here! No more Bronycution!”

“Please sir, at least put the pillow away and put some trousers on!” The manager starts to reach for Fluttershy pillow. You realise that this might get ugly, that Fluttershy pillow could be in danger! Picking up a chair, you hurl it at the manager’s head, nobly protecting Fluttershy pillow from his filthy grasping hands.

“Stop, police!”

You pause, standing above the manager with the chair grasped in your hand, as you see a policeman standing up from another table. He had been eating here too, and even though he had watched the whole thing he has obviously sided with the brony-hating establishment. With a sneer you notice that he was eating a Veggie DeLite.

“Get away from Fluttershy pillow!” you scream at the policeman, throwing your chair at his head. The policeman is too strong though, and goes for his gun.

You grab Fluttershy pillow, hugging her to your chest in panic as the policeman opens fire. One bullet, two, three! You look down in horror – Fluttershy pillow has been shot!

“Fluttershy pillow!” You can feel tears trickling down your cheek as you note the smoking bullet holes in Fluttershy pillow, each hole starting to ooze blood. “You… you took the bullets for me!” As you hold her close, you suddenly feel dizzy, staggering about before collapsing to the floor.

“I… I love you!” You start to cough blood as your vision swims and your head hits the hard ground, staring into Fluttershy’s eyes. “At least… we die together!”

The policeman stares for a while at your dead body, and then takes your half-eaten Subway Melt.


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