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Thirty Three

"What's going on?" You look around in confusion as you find yourself wearing a tuxedo and top hat and standing before the throne of Canterlot. "H-how did I get here?" It's all a blur. You can't remember how you found yourself getting to this point, nor of any decisions you took that could have possibly resulted in this. You turn around, seeing row upon row of ponies watching you intently.

"You have brony powers beyond reproach!" You hear a familiar voice to your left, and as you see the speaker your legs go giddy. It is Princess Luna, in a wedding dress. "Only by thinking outside the box, by defying the rules and reality itself could you hope to have gained the love of a princess!" she says, as the wedding theme start to play on a nearby organ.

"This is amazing!" you squeak, jumping up and down in joy. "I'm marrying Princess Luna! Could this get any better?"

Indeed it could! For trotting down the aisle comes Fluttershy, also in a wedding dress. "Fluttershy!" you cry out in joy, tears streaming down your cheeks. "I'm marrying you too?"

"Yes!" Luna announces as Fluttershy takes to your side. "You have fallen sideways through time and space into a situation not thought possible! You will be marrying both of us!"

All the gathered ponies cheer you and your double-wives as you make your wedding vows. "Best. Ending. Ever!" you mutter under your breath as Fluttershy and Luna sweep you off your feet and into an awaiting carriage.


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