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Fifty Five

“Actually Twilight, I have more pressing matters to discuss than talk about books.” You stand up to stride around the library. “For you see, Twilight, Equestria is in terrible danger and only I can save it! The Time Orb has gone missing, the magical orb of time that sits at the centre of Canterlot! Princess Celestia has entrusted this dangerous task to me and me alone, so you see Twilight, my time is precious!” To demonstrate this, you flip over the nearest table, sending a pile of carefully stacked books over the floor.

“Oh!” Twilight’s mouth gaped open. “But I’m the princess’s star pupil, surely she would have asked me to help her!”

You shake your head at Twilight’s innocent naivety. “No Twilight, for the princess realised that this mission requires brains, charm and charisma, something only I, the Brony Hero, have.”

“I see…” Twilight sank onto her haunches looking downcast. “It’s just that I have this Time Sphere here, and I thought maybe…” From behind the sofa she pulls out a glowing ball of energy and placed it down with a sigh. “Oh well…”

“Time… what?” You stare at the object on the sofa that is shaking with unrestrained power. “Twilight, that is the Time Orb!” You pick it up carefully, marvelling in its beauty. “Where did you find it?”

Twilight shrugs. “Oh, it ripped itself through time and space and landed in the library the other day. But it’s not a Time Orb, it’s a Time Sphere!”

You hug the Time Sphere to your chest as if a small child. “A sphere is an orb, Twilight! This is it, my mission is complete!”

What will you do?
Return the Time Sphere to Celestia
Ignore the Time Sphere; go and have some fun by exploring Ponyville