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“What am I doing here? What are you doing here?” You turn, placing your hands on your hips confidently. “You do realise that I am the Brony Hero of Equestria, right? I can go where I please in my search for the Time Orb!”

“Oh… Oh I see…” Luna is taken aback slightly, staring at you in confusion. “C-carry on then…” She watches you unsurely.

Not wanting to break the illusion that you had been carrying out official work, you carry on rifling through her drawers in front of her. “Wooooo!”! you shout as you pull out a frilly saddle, placing it on your back. “Woooo I’m a pony princess!”

Luna narrows her eyes. “And how, pray tell, is this helping you find the Time Orb?”

“Luna Luna Luna…” you shake your head, trying on a tiara as you do so. “My investigative powers are beyond reproach. This is why you ponies haven’t been able to find the Time Orb yet. This may look like a creepy person going through your possessions, but actually this is high level detective work.”

“I see…” Luna looks suspicious as you continue to cavort around her room. You seem to have got away with it though!

What do you do?
Leave to explore the rest of the castle
Complain to Luna that you liked her in season one better
Seduce Luna