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Without a single moment of hesitation, you slam your palm down on the button. The central console shakes and then makes a ‘boing’ noise.

“What have you done?” Whooves hisses, looking about in panic.

You are confused by this, as nothing seems to have changed. “Don’t be such a bad wolf, Whooves!” you tut as you walk over to a newspaper, reading out the headline. “BAD WOLF,” you mutter. “That’s an odd headline.”

“It’s not a bad wolf, it’s a bad wolf!” Whooves shouts back, frantically pulling levers and switches. “This is bad; it could be the end of the universe! You’ve bad wolfed the bad wolf.”

“Bad Wolf?” you query as you walk over to the bad wolf. “But if I bad wolf the bad wolf it should be bad wolf.” You shake your bad wolf as you watch bad wolf at work.

“Bad Wolf,” bad wolf bad, wolf bad wolf bad wolf.

Bad wolf, “Bad wolf bad wolf, bad wolf?” Bad wolf. Bad wolf bad, wolf bad wolf! “Bad wolf bad, wolf bad wolf!”

Bad wolf.


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