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I make crossovers, and LOTS OF 'EM! My other account is Burritoburger, and because I have a sort of fetish for crossovers, I made this secondary one.


Um... · 12:01pm Mar 29th, 2013

Hi guys! If you've been following my other account, you'd know that I'm back in the game! And with a question for everybody, too!

So I was looking back on my old story (SotP) and I found it really cliche/unbelievable. People were asking me questions, such as:

Q: Where did they get the cape and sword? It just came out of nowhere!
A: I have no idea.

Q: If Celestia had the map, why didn't she know anything about the forbidden land?

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The Great Mighty Poo will approve.

Oh snap.
This gunna be GOOD.

Okay,then I want you to do a crossover of:
Conker's Bad fur day(Spike as Conker).

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