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Sixty Two

"Oh boy oh boy, this is going to be awesome!"

You slowly open the door as you hear a familiar voice muttering to itself. "Hello?" you call into the darkness. "Hello, Rainbow Dash? Is that you?" You flick on the light switch to see Rainbow Dash, standing alone and talking to herself.

"Oh, hi Brony Hero!" Rainbow Dash turns to look at you eagerly, her eyes shining with anticipation. "I thought 'Rainbow Dash, you're so awesome, you should go right to the end of the story so you're at the most exciting bit!" She rears up on her hind legs, boxing her forehooves in the air. "What's the plan then? I thought I could do a sonic rainboom in ten seconds flat and..."

"Wow, wow, this is awkward." You cut across Rainbow Dash, shaking your head grimly. "Look Dash, I'm sorry but the story ended one chapter ago. There's no path here, you're pretty much out of the story."

"Aw." Rainbow Dash's face falls as she slumps to the ground. "I was going to have so many fun bits to do as well!"

"It's okay Dash." You step forwards, bringing out a large object from behind your back. "Tell you what, you can do something..."

"...Just climb into this cardboard box for me."

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This was the best thing I've ever read
>not an hero

This....is gonna be fun.

Apparently Princess Celestia doesn't like being seduced... :unsuresweetie:

AND I was just about to do something like this. *shrug*

This is going to the featured bar. I'm saying it right now. This story is absolutely amazing and hillarious. I never would have thought og trying something along the lines of this before. You sir, Are genious.

"There be somethin' on the horizon cap'n!"
"What be it lad!?"
"Featured bar, dead ahead sir!"

Jesus Christ, 60+ chapters of 2nd-Person amazing?

Bring it on.

Honestly, we need more choose your own adventure style fanfics. Maybe even an collab between authors, combining their efforts for one awesome story.

Oh, and this was really funny, by the way. :pinkiehappy:

>Desperatly searches for any ounce of Spike in it.

>Finds nothing.


i can the appeal of this...how does it work?


Start on chapter 1 and follow the options at the end of each chapter!

Fluttershy Pillow- I.. I love you.

Seriously, this was just tongue enough in cheek for me. Loved it.

That was... amazing. Good job, mate.

Somehow... I knew that ending was the right one...

... somehow...

Well, now I'm emperor.

Yeah, I chose "seduce Fluttershy" and I'd do it again! Haha, love this story man, great job!

This can't be THAT fun...

/ off to try


Got annoyed and seduced celestia... Dx


He's such a badass he could live even on one gallon.

What in the F***ing F***?

509977 Holy crap! We're playing as Chuck Norris?!


Of cou-
Wait, hell no.

Well... I'll be reading this later. :coolphoto:

I suck at this story.

it's fun, but... I keep getting bad endings...

-Enslaved by Fluttershy

all of my "WHY?!"

Bought tons of mountain dew, went to internet and seduced the princess. Is that the shortest way to die?

510088 and now I got rabies. God Damn this game!


Oh no, there's an even quicker way than that! :twilightblush:

509797 weclome to the club :moustache:

All of my wut. I must say tho, weirdly entertaining story. Partly because of humanity's need to get to ALL the endings. (And all the chapters too. Secret ending is best ending.) Well done.

Oh God what is this I don't even?

I'm sorry. But I can't relate to this ignorant, imbecilic excuse for a protagonist in any way.

That said, it is supposed to be a comedy and perhaps a bit satirical, so I'm not going to downvote it or anything. It's just that... this "brony" is far too idiotic and narrow-minded for his own good, and I just can't bear to read any more of this. :facehoof:

Format and grammar-wise, though, excellent work. This fic is certainly a big-step for storytelling on FF, no matter how mind-blowingly STUPID it's contents might be. :pinkiesick:

This reminds me of those goosebumps chose your own adventure books.

i fucking love you


What the buck!!!! That cover image is really weird. Were did you get it?

:pinkiecrazy: I finish the story...
:flutterrage: The guy is still an Imbecile!

:moustache: But I won't say I didn't like it, good job my good sir.

509825 where do i go after i get out of the castle

Excellent satire.
Captures the flaws of the brony community in the most humorous way possible.

That moment when you get on after finishing and see that you have 39 unread favorites, all for the same story:facehoof:

how do i get the secret ending with flutershy and luna

510541 Click on chapter 33

510584 thats retarded there is no way to get there normaly?


Not sure if it is possible. I just eventually went through all the chapters in order to see all the endings. :derpyderp1:

Shit's about ta get REAL!!!:moustache:

:rainbowderp: Where did you get that Mr. Cake emoticon?

This has peaked my curiosity. I am posting this before starting. Look for my after post to. See if I am satisfied.

After reading through every chapter just to make sure about all the endings. I have come to this conclusion.

I had a brain aneurysm from derping so hard.

Rating: Everyone.
Yet there is still cussing, the occasional "Molestia" Joke, and death.
Make it Teen.

Fine then. Keep your emoticon secrets! See if I care!
Jk. I've lost interest honestly.

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