Choose Your Own Adventure: Brony Hero of Equestria

by Blueshift

Sixty Two

"Oh boy oh boy, this is going to be awesome!"

You slowly open the door as you hear a familiar voice muttering to itself. "Hello?" you call into the darkness. "Hello, Rainbow Dash? Is that you?" You flick on the light switch to see Rainbow Dash, standing alone and talking to herself.

"Oh, hi Brony Hero!" Rainbow Dash turns to look at you eagerly, her eyes shining with anticipation. "I thought 'Rainbow Dash, you're so awesome, you should go right to the end of the story so you're at the most exciting bit!" She rears up on her hind legs, boxing her forehooves in the air. "What's the plan then? I thought I could do a sonic rainboom in ten seconds flat and..."

"Wow, wow, this is awkward." You cut across Rainbow Dash, shaking your head grimly. "Look Dash, I'm sorry but the story ended one chapter ago. There's no path here, you're pretty much out of the story."

"Aw." Rainbow Dash's face falls as she slumps to the ground. "I was going to have so many fun bits to do as well!"

"It's okay Dash." You step forwards, bringing out a large object from behind your back. "Tell you what, you can do something..."

"...Just climb into this cardboard box for me."