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How's your schedule looking?


The story certainly does leave room for improvements.

But that's the thing. there is still room for improvement. And further explanation of past events and actions.

Now, I try to be very careful about when and how I put my faith into the qualities and capabilities of others -- if anything the irreparable failures and poorly-made decisions that the current MLP:FiM writing team continue to make in regards to the show have certainly taught me about that -- but when reading a fanfiction, I rarely feel such a thing should be an issue. Besides, even if it doesn't turn out that great, I'll still probably be able to enjoy a good dark story, even if it doesn't entirely end up all that "good".

We all have our guilty pleasures, after all.

Not to mention I'm in an uncharacteristically good mood tonight. So that's probably part of this as well.

1103225 ...how did you reply to it? I deleted it.......... I sometimes don't understand this comment system.

you may be right for the fanon but it has other problems. the tiwlgiht is borderline villain sue to begin with, and it ignores logic. they do not even do and autopsy on luna to see how she died.. what sense does that make? it is ignored because likely they would find evidence on luna's body and sheets of twilights presence. or because the author did not think about anything that could ruin the plan.
definitely overreacting. definitely. still I cannot understand why people would like that story. the plot holes are just so blaring, and the characters are cardboard cut outs at best and insults at worse.

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