For those who are mentally scarred by the big shift in the fandom. This is a place to bitch about twialicorn becoming canonized. This is not a Twialicorn hate group. We just don't like Hasbro and DHX slapping wings on her.

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I hate Alicorn Twilight. I'm sorry, I just never liked it. She was much more adorable as a simple unicorn. To tell you the truth, I don't think they needed to make Cadence one either.

Have I found my people? I liked the idea of Alicorn Twilight but it was done really poorly.

I have found my people. TAKE THE WINGS OFF OF HER!!!

2 years, 15 weeks

still a hater.

but this has also lead me to stop watching the show entirely......and i have no plans or desires to resume viewing it

I was hoping seeing twilight randomly achieve princess hood would mean an influx of tyrant twilight fics to the site. Sadly that dosent seem to have been the case.

So can I call you just a bunch of spoiled little manchildren for still bawling over a pony getting wings?

Since season 1 I've been praying that spike gets his wings so he can help his selfisteem. So you can imagine the pure rage I was going through to see the most bossy character getting them instead.:flutterrage:

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Hm... Let's see what shenanigans ensue in this group... Joined! :derpytongue2:


Woo! <3 Long live Unicorn Twi! :P



So I'm not alone! :pinkiehappy: (Though judging by EQD's comment sections, I was never alone)

Let us celebrate with a picture of unicorn Twilight! :raritywink:


Fear not, for I have joined you! <3

Has everyone else gone?

Don't tell me I'm the only person left who doesn't like Twilicorn... :pinkiesad2:

Joined and unjoined just so I could join twice.

You know, Canterlot did need a trustworthy accountant. :trixieshiftright:

Does this mean that wasn't a bad dream at all?
first trolling chapter, or a very realistic abridged serie?

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