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You decide that it is important to quench your thirst first. After throwing on a t-shirt, crusty socks and some sandals, you race down to the nearest supermarket to buy some Mountain Dew. After filling your trolley to the brim with the delicious life-giving liquid, you pay (thankfully your mum left her wallet out for you to borrow) and decide to go home.

Unfortunately you didn’t realise how difficult it would be to carry all the bottles, and you don’t have enough money left for the bus. Clutching a dozen carrier bags, each bulging with Mountain Dew, you struggle out of the supermarket and start walking down the road.

The bags are heavy and cut into your fingers. Every few steps you need to stop to put them down and have a breather. It is during one such rest break that you hear a strange mewling coming from a nearby alleyway. Putting down your bottles and shaking your hands to get rid of the painful numb sensation, you poke your head into the alley.

On the floor, abandoned, is a small cardboard box, just big enough for a…

You gasp, catching your breath. The box is just big enough for a tiny pony filly. Could it be true? Could you have found a tiny baby Rainbow Dash like in your favourite novel, ‘My Little Dashie’?

What will you do?
Open the box to see if there is a Little Dashie inside
Leave the box where it is so you can go home and play on the internet