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Thirty One

The journey to the Everfree Forest is long, but soon cartoon fields give way to the dark, forbidding foliage of the forest. Strange cries can be heard from above, though as hard as you look, you can’t pinpoint their origin.

You feel a smile break across your face as you wander amongst the trees, taking care not to step in any Poison Joke plant. Normally you hate going for walks and you once signed a petition to have a nearby forest cut down and replaced by a skate park. But there’s something about the magical land of Equestria where even the humble forest becomes a wonderful place to be.

You forget all your troubles, humming happily to yourself as you saunter deeper into the dark recesses. “Tra la la!” you sing. “Tra la la!”

In fact, you are so happy that you almost miss the gigantic roaring manticore that leaps into your path, gnashing its teeth and lashing its poison-tipped tail with ferocious gusto!

What will you do?
Run! Run like a little baby!
Do what Fluttershy did in that one episode and cuddle it.