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Fifty Three

You make your decision. The snow globe is round like a Time Orb, and for all you know, a Time Orb might contain a model of a picturesque rural snow scene. At the very least you can probably sweet talk Celestia into thinking it is the real one and pick up a reward before she realises she’s been tricked.

With Pinkie racing along beside you, you head back to Canterlot holding the globe above your head in triumph. “He’s got it; he’s got the Time Orb!” Pinkie cries out happily as you run, and soon you are being followed by dozens of ponies, all galloping alongside you on your way to the Princess.

Arriving in the hallowed halls of Canterlot Castle, you waste no time in throwing open the throne room doors and marching in. “Behold, Princess!” you cry, holding out the snow globe. “For I, the Brony Hero of Equestria, have returned the Time Orb to you!” You pose in triumph as the adoring throng of ponies who followed you clap in joy.

Princess Celestia gets up from her throne, cantering towards you. Her horn glows softly as the globe lifts out of your hands and floats towards her. “That is wonderful news, Brony Hero!” she exclaims. “Let me just use my most powerful magic to check the Time Orb and make sure it’s the genuine article.”

“N-no, that’s okay…” you stammer, turning to look for a quick escape as your carefully layered plan falls completely apart. The route out of the throne room is blocked by your fans, and the only other way out is past the princess. “Ah, I think I need the loo…” you mutter, trying to push past the mass of ponies.

“…Yes, that’s the Time Orb all right!” Celestia calls out as she finishes examining the globe.

You turn around in puzzled confusion. “Uh… it is? I mean, it is! Yes.” You scratch the back of your head and glance at Pinkie Pie, who is suddenly looking really guilty. “Yes, of course that snow globe is the Time Orb.”

“Brony Hero!” Celestia bows to you, and at once all the ponies present bow too. “I know that you will have suffered much hardship in your quest to restore the Time Orb. Your quests will have been fraught with deadly danger, and your life constantly imperilled. I can only imagine the titanic battle you must have fought against the foe who stole this sacred object.”

“Yes, that is exactly what happened.” You grimace at Pinkie Pie, who starts to whistle innocently and shuffle out of sight behind the gathered crowd.

Celestia passes the snow globe back to you, and you stare at it in awe. “Now Brony Hero,” she announces. “You have a choice to make! You can either use the power of the Time Orb to send you back home, or you can use its powers to transform yourself into a pony and live forever in Equestria!”

You turn, looking at the sea of adoring pony faces around you. It would be nice to stay in Equestria, but you know you have responsibilities back in the human world. Your World of Warcraft account won’t level itself up after all! The Time Orb starts to pulse with power in your hands – you must make a decision now!

What will you do?
Use the Time Orb to return home
Use the Time Orb to become a pony and stay in Equestria forever
Use the Time Orb to overthrow Celestia and become ruler of Equestria