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You decide the only way to find the Time Orb is to unleash the Elements of Harmony! Also you really want to wear that cute tiara.

You enter the large hall in which the elements are kept, feeling like a conquering hero! All around you are stained glass windows that show various epic events in Equestria’s history. Towards the end of the hall, one window has been left blank, with a sign saying “RESERVED FOR BRONY HERO”. You grin widely. Soon you will be immortalised as the greatest brony in history!

You approach the massive door to the vault in which the Elements are kept. Taking a deep breath, you push the door open…

…Nothing happens. You swear under your breath, suddenly remembering that in the cartoon, Celestia unlocked it with her horn. You peer at the hole in the door, squinting into it as you think of your options. As the Brony Hero, surely you should be able to unlock the door using your innate powers! Or maybe you should give up on this course of action and explore somewhere else.

What will you do?
Stick your finger in the hole and wiggle it about. It’s a bit like a horn.
Leave to explore the rest of the castle