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Twenty Two

You decide that there is only one logical course of action – search Princess Luna’s room! After talking to several guards, you finally find your way to her room and inspect the locked door. Studying the lock, you think back to all the films you’ve seen on television and decide to use your lock-picking skills.

After several kicks, the door breaks down and you are in! You breath in the air in triumph, as you flop on her bed. Luna’s bed! Where Luna sleeps! “Squeeee!” you shout out as you giggle and mess up the sheets. “I’m in Luna’s bed!”

Remembering why you are here, you start to look for clues to where the uh… the ah… the thingy you’re looking for. Yeah, Time Orb, that’s it. That’s why you’re here. The first place you choose to search is Luna’s drawers – there’s bound to be a clue in there!

As you rifle through her possessions, you burst with pride at how brave and noble you are being.

“What are you doing here?”

You freeze in terror, underwear on your head as you turn and see Luna standing in the doorway behind you!

What will you do?
Explain to Luna that you are actually searching for the Time Orb
Complain to Luna that you liked her in season one better
Seduce Luna