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Midnight Castle. The very sight of this terrifying edifice sends a shiver down your spine. It has taken a full day of trekking to reach this foreboding place, but you are determined to defeat the evil Tirek and return peace to Equestria.

Striding confidently forwards, you hammer on the massive iron doors. “Oi Tirek!” you shout, trying to peep through the letter box. “Let me in, you asshole, I’m here to defeat you!”

Slowly the massive doors creak open, and a towering centaur-demon strides out. You have to crane your neck up to look at him – he is approximately 30 feet tall, with glowing red eyes and carrying a wicked pitchfork. “Who dares disturb my rest!” he roars out, waving his weapon menacingly.

You steel yourself. “It is I, the brony hero of Equestria!” you shout back. “I have come to rescue the Time Orb and defeat your evil!”

“Puny creature!” Tirek snarls, sneering down at you as he snorts out a puff of acrid smoke from his flared nostrils. “I know not of what you speak. Now, run before I crush you like the ant you are!” His cloven hooves stomp the ground menacingly.

What will you do?
Run! Run! Oh Celestia, run away and start your explorations again!
Battle Tirek one-on-one in a no-holds barred bare fist fighting contest
Battle Tirek one-on-one using your expert brony skills