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Fifty Six

Entering the town hall you are instantly met with a room packed full of ponies, all turning to stare at you. As one, they give a cheer, and streamers tumble from the ceiling. You noticed that above the stage is a huge banner that reads “WELCOME BRONY HERO OF EQUESTRIA!”

“Thank you, thank you!” You give a regal wave and push through the crowd of adoring ponies towards the stage, on which is fixed a microphone waiting for you. Obviously your fame has already spread throughout the land.

“Brony Hero, we are honoured to have you with us today!” The mayor stands on the stage, welcoming you to Ponyville. You flush with pride at the lavish celebration that is being laid out. From all around, the attending ponies start to uncover balloons and cake and all sorts of delicious food. “We hope this small token of our gratitude will be acceptable. Do you wish to start the feast, or address the audience?”

You clamber onto the stage, staring out across the sea of faces. There is a huge banquet table at the far end which is growing in size and more and more mouth-watering treats are placed on it. Clearing your throat, you grip the microphone. “Yes, I am pretty awesome!” you tell the crowd, who erupt in applause. In the background, you notice the smiling face of none other than DJ PON-3 herself, Vinyl Scratch! An idea races through your mind – perhaps you can use this opportunity to demonstrate your musical talents and make her fall in love with you! Or perhaps you could just begin the feast.

What will you do?
Sing the song of your people
Tuck in to the feast!
Claim you are Hollywood actor Nicholas Cage
Go back outside