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Kenneth Chase

Like blowing off the dust of an old book, it's time for me to write a new beginning to this account of mine.


Remember that Vito Scaletta? Yeah, scrap that, we'll just switch to this interesting clown here: Kenneth Chase, or perhaps you may know him by his other alias, Jeffrey Hawk. Or maybe you might refer to him by what he is infamously referred to as: the Clown.
Anywho, welcome to this profile, where you'll see nothing but ancient texts from a past self and empty promises! I hope that you'll enjoy your brief perusing!


A Notice · 3:14am Oct 16th, 2014

Hey guys, it's me again, Vito Scaletta.

At this point already, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't give a crap, even a tiny tid-bit of it. However, if you somehow managed to have the motivation to actually read this point, I wanna congratulate you for that. Anyways, to what my point is, I want to say that I'm still active in this site, reading some stories from now and then, and dropping a comment by to either rate on how bad it was or how good it was.

That's pretty much it, actually.

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Thanks for the follow!


Indeed I do enjoy Espurr and its traumatizing eyes. Thanks for the video by the way. :twilightsheepish:

I notice that you too enjoy Espurr. :pinkiehappy:

771594 All of your random page visitors of course. Post a story and we'll grow in numbers :pinkiesmile:

746818 no you're not... they are watching

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