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Forty Three

“Actually, Princess, I think I’ll choose option three!” You clutch the Time Orb, and hold it in front of you threateningly. “Your evil dictatorship of peace and tolerance is over! Using the powers of the Time Orb, I will overthrow you and take my rightful place on the throne!”

Celestia seems genuinely taken aback at this, her eyes widen open as she stares at the threatening ball of power that you hold. “No Brony Hero, no!” she cries. “You can’t!”

“Oh, but I can!” You cackle, as you shake the globe in Celestia’s direction. Immediately a beam of light arcs out from it, striking Celestia in the chest. She cries out, falling to her knees as all around you ponies look on in shock, unsure of how to act. “How does it feel Princess,” you boom, stalking forwards. “To know you have been beaten by the Brony Hero! And now I will take your power!”

As Celestia cries out, something strange happens. Her wings start to shrink; her powerful frame collapses in on itself, soft legs becoming bony and spindly. As the aura of power fades, lying before you on the floor is not the princess of Equestria but instead a lank, spotty teenager wearing an unwashed Rainbow Dash t-shirt.

“Celestia!” you gasp. “You were a Brony all along! I should have known!”

“No!” the Brony that was once Celestia cries, hands clutching pitifully for the Time Orb which is now ablaze with energies in your hand. “Give me back my power!”

“I think you mean MY power!” You shake the globe again, and immediately you are bathed in its majesty. You experience a quick bout of discomfort as your body ripples and twists, turning into white marshmallow until your form completely changes, becoming that of Princess Celestia!

“Now I am the new Princess Celestia!” you announce in your regal tones, your beautiful multicoloured mane shimmering behind you as you turn your back on the fallen Brony. “As pony princess, I vow to rule you with love and harmony, and continue to embody the best of Brony ideals!”

All the ponies in the throne room cheer as guards arrive to drag the deposed Brony away. “Now!” you smirk towards a nearby courtier. “Bring me Fluttershy!”


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