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Fifty Seven

“Die Pinkie, die!” As the pink pony launches towards you, you grab her forehooves, swinging her round to smack her against the nearest wall. Before she can regain her balance, you stumble around in the darkness and pick up the table, hurling it in the direction you threw her in. it is impossible to see properly in the darkness, but you can hear Pinkie cry out. “Now your reign of evil is over, Pinkamina!” you shout as you kick her fallen form.

The lights flick on and Mrs Cake races down the stairs. “What’s going on?” she cries in alarm at the sight of you repeatedly kicking Pinkie Pie.

Blinking from the sudden onrush of light, you look down. Pinkie is on the floor before you, covered in desserts which had been tipped off the table that you threw. She picks her head up dizzily, tears welling up in the corner of her eyes. “I was going to throw the Brony Hero a surprise party with my ‘Death by Chocolate’ cake and he attacked me!”

“Oooh it was a cake!” you roll your eyes in amusement. “Oh Pinkie, you’re so silly, I thought you were going to murder me!” Pinkie doesn’t seem to find this funny though, and stays curled on the ground, sobbing.

“Why would you think something so ridiculous?” Mrs Cake turns on you angrily as she hugs Pinkie.

You shrug. “Oh, I just write a lot of stories where Pinkie Pie is a crazy murderer.” Pinkie starts to cry harder as you continue. “I mean, I know she’s not, but it’s still good, harmless fun!”

Mrs Cake shakes her head as you watch Pinkie Pie cry amidst a pile of fallen desserts. You make your apologies and quickly leave.

Boy, that was awkward.

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