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Fifty One

As you enter Sugar Cube Corner, you are immediately assailed from all sides by the most delicious aromas. Cakes of all shapes and sizes are spread out on the shop’s counter, covered in tempting cream and chocolate and marzipan.

As you are the Brony Hero, you take a chocolate éclair and munch on it thoughtfully as you bang your fist on the counter shouting for attention. Finally a head pops around the kitchen door. Your heart sinks – it is not Pinkie Pie, but Mrs Cake.

“Oh hi Brony Hero!” she smiles happily as she wanders into the main section of the shop. “What can we do for you here at our humble cake store?”

“Eugh!” You feel slightly queasy as you look at the rotund Mrs Cake waddling towards you. “I was actually hoping to see Pinkie Pie.” You place your hand over your eyes so you can avoid staring at her.

“Oh, Pinkie’s about somewhere!” Mrs Cake peers about the room as if Pinkie might spring out of nowhere. Which she might. “Pinkie!” she trills out loud. “Pinkie, there’s a visitor for you!”

There’s no response. You stand uncomfortably in front of Mrs Cake as you wait for a pink bundle of fun that never arrives. “Oh,” Mrs Cake frowns. “She should be here, do you want to look for her?”

You take a fistful of cake from a nearby sponge and push it into your mouth as you consider your options.

What will you do?
Search for Pinkie Pie
Leave and explore Ponyville