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Twenty Eight

“Tirek Tirek...” you gently stroke the side of the gigantic demon king as you sit on one of his comfy sofas, offering him a Dorito. Just one though. “I’m sorry. Perhaps we could… hang out?”

Tirek munches on the Dorito thankfully. “I’d like that!” he smiles as he trots over to a shelf full of DVDs. “Perhaps we could watch a film? I have all of Nicholas Cage’s movies, even the ones he only appears in briefly!” He holds up a copy of City of Angels hopefully.

“You have excellent taste Tirek!” You put your feet up on his fallen coffee table as you look around the room. “I had something more… exotic in mind. Do you have any episodes of…” Your voice suddenly turns to a whisper. “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic?”

Tirek looks taken aback as he glances about furtively. “No of course not!” he yelps! “The show hasn’t been released on DVD yet, I would never commit copyright infringement!” You continue to glare at him, and he gives a guilty shrug. “Fine, fine, I’ve got them all downloaded. But I would pay if Hasbro just sold them to me, I offered to give them a mountain of gold for a DVD boxset, but to no avail!”

“Why don’t you just download them from iTunes?” you wonder out loud.

“Piss off.” Tirek hooks up a laptop to his television and sits on the sofa next to you. “I’ve got all episodes so far in high quality! No watermarks!” he announces brightly. “But… why do you want to watch it, you’re in Equestria now!”

You shrug. “Eh. It was nice wandering about Equestria, but I’ve decided I much prefer to sit inside and watch television. Go on, stick on the Sonic Rainboom episode!”

“Ooooh I love that one!” Tirek squeals with joy, and soon the two of you are sitting side by side watching magical cartoon ponies on the screen. “If only it had a song!” he sighed, opening a can of Mountain Dew. “Then it would be perfect.”

“You know Tirek,” you look over to the demon, leaning forwards. “This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” You gently kiss his demonic face, smelling the whiff of cheesy Doritos on his breath.

“Marry me, Brony Hero!” Tirek gasps as he drops his can of soda in shock. “Marry me!”

“Sure.” You lounge back on the comfy sofa. “But you’re wearing the wedding dress.”


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