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Thirty Nine

Fluttershy’s cottage is abuzz with the sound of wildlife. You resist the urge to skip straight to the front door, instead sauntering slowly and coolly towards the house of your favourite pony. “Fluttershy!” you cry out, picking a rose from her garden to give to her. “My love, come to me!”

The front door opens, and Fluttershy’s head peeps around the corner. “H-hello?” she whispers timidly, peering at you.

“Fluttershy, my darling!” You push the door open and march inside, turning on Fluttershy who shrinks back from you. “Do not fret Fluttershy, for I am now here! Your life will never be lonely and sad again!”

Fluttershy gives another cute squeak as she pretends to be frightened. You smile down at her. There really is only one option.

Seduce Fluttershy