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Thirty Six

“I’m sorry my pony friends.” You look around at the crumpled faces of all the ponies as you announce your decision. “I must return to my home planet, I have important duties to perform, the League of Legends needs me!”

Holding the Time Orb above your head, you give it a little shake. Tiny flakes of fake snow start to tumble about, faster and faster and faster, getting larger and larger and seemingly escaping the globe, surrounding you in a shimmer of light. You cry out in alarm as the floor gives way beneath you and you are caught in a tidal wave of magic that feels like it will never end.

You jerk awake, sprawled on the floor of your room. After patting yourself down to make sure that you still exist, you clamber to your feet and let out a sigh of relief. “I made it!” you gasp. “I’m alive!” As you sit down on your swivel chair, you think back about your amazing adventures and all the friends you made. You vow to dedicate yourself to continuing the path of justice and righteousness, and become not only the Brony Hero of Equestria, but the Brony Hero of Earth too. You will be a paradigm of truth and virtue!

“But first…” you giggle, as an idea takes hold, “it’s time to log on to my troll account and make fun of people on Twitter!”


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