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Forty Seven

You fall onto one knee, holding out the rose. “Fluttershy, light of my life! Though we’ve never met, I feel like I know your every beautiful thought, your every feeling! The walls of my bedroom are covered in printouts of you! It’s all been for you Fluttershy, this crazy pony journey, all for you!”

Fluttershy looks at the rose, and then tilts her head as she looks into your eyes. “Um, no.” she replies softly.

“Um, yes!” you counter with, waggling your eyebrows. “C’mon darling, don’t fight it! You’re mine now, it’s your destiny!” Fluttershy just gazes back at you.

Too late, you realise she has used The Stare. Your vision swims as you feel the tendrils of her mental powers curling around your brain. “N-nuh!” you mouth, but soon you lose even the power of speech itself.

Fluttershy turns and walks out of the house. You find yourself unable to resist following her in a stupor, stumbling along without a will of your own. She finally stops in a forest clearing and points at a pile of leaves. “These need tidying up!” she snaps. “And once you’ve done that, you can make sure all the bird nests have pillows in them!”

You nod jerkily as you fall to your knees, your mind now completely taken over by Fluttershy’s mental powers, grabbing armfuls of leaves and piling them up. It is backbreaking work, but it is for Fluttershy so you don’t mind.

Which is good, because Fluttershy has a lot of jobs for you to do.

(Or GOOD END if you really really like Fluttershy)

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