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Thirty Two

Groggily, you shake your head, trying to clear the static. You feel like you’ve just gone for a ride in a washing machine; every inch of your body tingles and aches. But there’s something else. You can no longer smell the familiar odour of your bedroom. Instead the air seems to be fresh, purer somehow.

You open your eyes, and stare straight into that of Princess Celestia!

“Uuugo!” You blurt out nonsensically as you scramble to your feet, looking about in panic. Instead of your familiar room, you are standing in the throne room of Canterlot Castle, surrounded on all sides by shocked looking ponies. In front of you in all her majesty is Princess Celestia herself!

“It’s real!” you cry, half-weeping as you throw yourself to the floor in front of the princess. “It’s all real!” Quickly you check your hands to see if you’ve become a pony, but no such luck! Still, you’ve somehow made it to Equestria and all your dreams can become true! “But how?” you finally croak out, patting the cartoon floor in disbelief. “How did I get here?”

Princess Celestia steps forward, her magnificent mane flowing behind her as she smiles gently. “Only the bravest and wisest of all bronies may travel to Equestria, using the secret keyboard code of ‘Control-Alt-E’. The ‘E’ stands for ‘Equestria’. You are the first human to have solved the complex logic puzzles placed across your world in order to find the code and enter our land. You are... THE BRONY HERO OF EQUESTRIA!”

“Logic puzzles. Yes. I did that.” You cough, standing to your feet and attempting a heroic pose in order to impress the ponies. Your heart is racing in joy as you think over the possibilities of your new life. “I’m going to go see Fluttershy! And Twilight Sparkle!” you squeak out happily, given a little girly leap in the air.

“Wait!” Celestia raises a hoof. “There is something you must know! To return home to Earth, you must use the power of THE TIME ORB! However, it has been stolen by unknown forces which I believe to be in the employ of Tirek the demon king! For the sake of all Equestria you, the chosen hero, must find the Time Orb and rescue it before all of Equestria is destroyed!

You listen to Celestia, mouth agape. An important mission all for you to carry out, with the fate of the world in the balance!

But on the other hand, you could go see Fluttershy.

What will you do?
Explore the castle to look for clues
Leave the castle to explore Equestria (and find Fluttershy)
Seduce Princess Celestia