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James Rye

Servus, name´s James Rye. I´m a mix of brony, geek, otaku and nerd. My goal is to write 100 MLP-fics. Dunno how many years that gonna take though. XD


SPOILER SEASON 4! First animated scenes of S4 out on youtube!!! · 2:39am Oct 27th, 2013

Hello everybody, this is my first blog and it will be about PONIES! What a surprise, but the real twist is it is about SEASON 4!!!

Granted the quality is bad, but what we see is great and already tearing down some complains of those people who fear that S4 will suck donkey balls.

-The opening scene suggests a broader secondary cast, hopefully more Zecora!
-Celestia does something EPIC!
-Twi gets her own window

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Thanks for finding me. xD
But don't turn up standing before my room's door, that would be kind of creepy. :rainbowlaugh:

Gotcha!! :pinkiehappy:

Hey here!! ^^ Nice to find you here :) :scootangel:

Why, thank you for reading and faving "Back Room Experiments". :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the fav:twilightsmile:

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