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King George III

Esteemed monarch and pony enthusiast, at your service.

I Am FiMFiction (And So Can You!)

Greetings and salutations, ladies and gentlemen. I am King George III, once sovereign monarch of the empire of Great Britain, then corpse, and now friendly phantom haunting your so called "ponyfics." I'm here to read fanfiction, lurk groups, and harass pseudo-intellectuals. I'm generally fairly approachable, if somewhat brash, though not particularly mean-spirited; unless of course you are one of the aforementioned pseudo-intellectuals. If that's the case, I'll beet u up, sweer on me mum.

How To Comment Like His Majesty:

Insert quotation.

>insert summarization of quotation
>insert detail in contradiction to quotation


Insert quotation.

>insert summarization of quotation
>insert detail in contradiction to quotation
U wot, m8

Notice the green text, for it is mandatory. You may type in lime green as well, if you wish to go for the retro, 4Chan style, but your greentext must under no circumstances be any font colouration other than green or lime green. If your greentext is any colouration other than the two previously specified, then you are a skrub. 1v1 me irl, or I'll shank yer nan.

Words Of Adoration From Loyal Subjects:

"'King George the Third is hereby banned from the United States of America, and can quite frankly, sod off. For being a massive yob.'" - The United States Constitution, according to KaBar41
"Oh I must warn you about a nasty troll who calls himself King George III because I think he is a closet Communist sympathiser. - ProMonarchyGenius
"Mmm! Thank you! You're like the King I never had! :heart: - the Mad King Temperance upon receiving brownies from his majesty.

As you can see, his majesty is much adored by his subjects, and his approval rating is currently through the roof. He hopes more subjects will step forth and voice their flattering opinions as he carries on with his enlightened rule.

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What hell, I'll follow you cause your a goddamn king. Pony here at your service! I am a rather friendly demon who will make deals and love making new friends. I have no leader except for good ole Lucy, but he off with Chloe Decker doing who knows what.

A new group dedicated to glorious Communism has come. Spread the word and join our herd:twilightblush:


1720910 Well i'm always glad to accept a fellow fan, and i'll have to talk to myself a bit later on but i'm sure that you should be able to, also I must warn you I can't RP out of Skype or PM's the mods are watching me

1718993 I'm a big fan of your work, in fact. I witnessed first hand what you did at Border Watch, and I was fascinated. And terrified. It was terrifyingly fascinating.

Besides, the Shivering Isles are positively delightful! May I claim a summer home? Somewhere in Dementia, perhaps?

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