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Welcome to the group for all things Prussian, Teutonic, and generally German! Read a few poems full of Sehnsucht and Weltschmerz, then put on your Pickelhaube and march off the guard the Rhine against those pesky Frenchmen. Who knows, you might even earn an Iron Cross!

Nazi material will be removed on sight. This group is about having fun with German history and culture, not about condoning dictatorship or genocide. You can post things from 1933-'45, though, as long as they don't specifically reference Nazi symbols, leaders or ideas.

With that out of the way, let's make this a group so German that Otto von Bismarck would be proud! Frau Reichskanzlerin Rainbow Dash befehlt es!

(Credit to wtfakakali for this picture)

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Anyone know what happened to the story "The Iron Chancellery" were Otto von Bismarck and pual muasr get sent equestria using the hoi4 mlp mod map

Deutschland Deutschland vor allem

353679 Ja! Same here.

Comment posted by MaschinenPistole-40 deleted Feb 21st, 2015

I have German in my ancestry!

359793 I agree with you on that one.

When I first saw this group I was like: cool, some people who don't constantly think all Germans are Nazis, I'll join. And then I was like: ten bits on Crushric being here.

I wrote a fanfic about an OC with a German name. Can I submit it to the group?

353679 I'm not German either, nor do I have any German ancestry that I know of. It's not like it's a requirement to join. :raritywink:

I'm not german but I got german blood:twilightsmile:

Don't forgot the plushie version thereof, Messoria!

Oh, and I created a thread for videogame Germanys (Germanies? Stupid English). Ho!


'Tis actually from here. Or with an even bigger crown!

353669 Because of my unmatched mastery of German pony puns, of course. :rainbowwild:

Say, do you still have that picture of Frau Reichskanzlerin Rainbow Dash somewhere? I think it would look great on the group page. :pinkiehappy:

Und so beginnt es...

Why did I have to laugh so hard when I read the script over the Iron Cross? :pinkiehappy:

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