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No worries dude, I understand, I`m just kinda getting ahead of myself. But, anyway, see you later, I guess?

I'm going to have to pass on that since I have no interest in all that stuff: it's no wonder I almost flunked Social Studies and Government in highschool:applejackunsure:. Besides I don't think an atheist group is the place to discuss such matters:unsuresweetie:... and that I'm kind of pre-occupied with planning my weekend and cosplay for this year's upcoming Ponyville Ciderfest.

I also like to talk about politics, and sometimes, it gets really heated.

But I`m that type of person who likes to argue about this type of stuff. Would you care to talk about politics with me and we`ll try not to shout each others heads off? :twilightsmile:

I mean it`s not really help, it`s more like... fun. Yeah, fun that`s the word.

Oh my, I`m an egghead when it comes to this stuff. :rainbowwild:

Glad I could be of help:twilightsmile:.

I love talking to people who actually LIKE to talk about this type of stuff. You`re actually one of the only people who listen and understand what I`m talking about.

Me, not so much. I don`t think in our universe alone we could time travel. Only because time is the fourth dimension and it`s not a physical "thing" You can`t touch it, you can`t see it, you can`t hear it. It`s just there. Time is this thing that most likely can`t be manipulated. Though I believe that interdimensional travel will be acquired in giver take a thousand years if we`re still here. So that means we could go to another universe identical to ours in the past. So I beleive in time travel but I don`t at the same time. You get what I mean?

That I'm unsure about since tech like that seems way ahead of our time, but I'm sure something like that could be pulled off.

So what do you think about time travel?

Same here miss/bro....same here:ajsmug:.

Yeah, it is a mystery, which sucks beyond space. I know that the multiverse theory has no proof, I just like thinking about it and like to think it might be real.

Well like you said about if you think about what a dimension might be like, it becomes real. Still this is all theories with no proof to back it up. For all we know, life beyond death is a mystery that so far has no leads to being solved:applejackunsure:.

Ooo, never thought about the afterlife about that way.

Exactly. To me, I think that the afterlife is what you would prefer it as... like going to Equestria itself and doing whatever you want:pinkiecrazy:.

I believe that there are infinite universes (Or is it Universi?) that are exactly like our universe and noting in common. From the smallest particle, to the smallest measurement, to the entire structure of the universe, to the way everything works, and what you can think of, it exist.

In theory: there could be multiple to almost infinite configurations of our world. I've seen such things from entertainment media such as Family Guy, Stranger Things, and
Ghostbusters: The Video Game

I kinda have time to talk about it. I believe that the multiverse exist and you can travel through them. Though what you said might be possible. Wonder what that universe would look like.

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