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A group dedicated to the promotion of religious peace and tolerance, run by admins of multiple faiths.

Atheists, Agnostics, Christians, Jews, pagans, Muslims, Buddhists, etc. are all welcome. Strict rules on trolling and tolerance will be enforced, but calm discussions and debates are allowed so long as they remain civil and users respect the cultural and spiritual sensitivities of others.

Our goal is to help bring open minded people together and to give people a safe place to talk about the mysteries of life without fear of being trolled or mocked.

We are looking for admins and consultants (Contributors) from as many beliefs as possible to help keep the group from becoming too biased.

Our Admins:

Christian admins: Dash Attack

Atheist: The Nightingale

Buddhist admin: ClassyGeneral

Satanist admin: Dranalis Sanctorium

Islam and Christianity: John Hood

Religious/Faith Consultants:

Judaism: ThatWeatherstormChap (Is also a lemon. A silly lemon.)


Bahá'í Faith: Eveyann

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I'm an agnostic pagan but I have friends of all different religions <3 I respect all beliefs

I believe that you can believe what you want to believe! *Dose hippy inpreshion* Peace on earth dude. *make's hand peace sighn.*

Norse-Pagan here, praise odin and all that

Ah, silly me! :twilightsmile:

Sister and Pegasister here. :rainbowlaugh:

Ah you don't know? We considered every single Muslim as brothers and sister, pretty much like a brotherhood or sisterhood. It is so that it can strenghten the bond of among us.


I know I'll sound dumb asking, but what do you mean by "brother or sister?"? :unsuresweetie:
Just wondering. :twilightsmile:

Note this is 18 week ago but.....
Oh you, Atheist. (Not really sure though)

Brother or Sister?

Finally, a group where people will tolerate me for being Muslim.

392972 Because I see things a bit differently and some views in satanism have caught my eye and frankly I agree with them. But I do not spread the influence of the devil for I do not belive in that. I am like 50% Christian and 50% satanist

392609 Personally I am not a full bloomed satanist I am a semi satanist I just believe in some of the things they believe in

I have a group called Bronies for Life and I'm looking for new members. If you are interested, just tap the link. Thank you!

And here we see one of Fimficrion's many trendy groups: Religious Tolerance, a group that prides itself upon togetherness, and acceptance.

Kind of.

interesting group here

Im a Christian. Got problems? :rainbowhuh:

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