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"Fast like the wind, silent like a forest, intrusive like the fire, immobile like a mountain. Under heaven and earth, I alone am feared."

Yuge Quotes

"Vote Classy, he will make feudalism hip again!" -- Paddle Steamer

"He will make social darwinism mainstream again!" -- dominatusimperator

"Enjoy your 'Trump's America' while you can. History is not on your side." -- Lord Ocalhoun

"You're showing the true cowardice of the fascists. You're so fucking terrified of a few Muslims that you're willing to give up anything, anything to save yourself from this tiny threat. You're like a child who won't leave the house because the last time he did he got a bee sting. Grow some fucking balls and stand up to this threat without sacrificing the values this country was built on!
Or just stay in the fetal position under your bed while us real men deal with it. We don't need your cowardly whimpering." -- Lord Ocalhoun

"Why are you putting Fact Checkers inside of all those ()?" -- Pink-Storm

Hammer on Muhammed, founder of the most peaceful religion

"Muhammad wanted to forge a benevolent empire that would rule peacefully over its people, and not force them to convert. His message and ideals have been just as thoroughly corrupted as those of Jesus, and it is absurd to blame him for the excesses of modern Islam."

Hammer on Classy and "False Sources"

"If you honestly think these things, there's nothing I can do. You've clearly allowed your fear and hatred of the unknown to blind you to the remotest possibility that maybe, just maybe, Muslims are every bit as human as you are. You are acting incredibly irrational and aggressive, and forcibly shutting out any opposing argument with insults and deflections.

I'm not going to waste any more of my time trying to make you (or anyone else on this group) see reason, because it's obviously pointless, and you won't even be civilized in our disagreement.

So congratulations, you won, by virtue of being so dense and hostile that you have completely exhausted my patience. You can go back to your right-wing circlejerk now." -- Hammer, again

Terror Attacks Don't Matter, because Immigration is Good

Classy: "I bet that is what all of the victims in San Bernandino, Orlando, [insert the hilariously long list of places in the west that have been attacked and damaged by Islamic migrants in the past three years alone] were thinking. "Oh, don't worry, our massive military will save us from this armed gunman! We can import as many as we want and always be fine!""

Lord Ocalhoun: "So fucking what?
It's a pitiful few hundred people at most... About a millionth of our population.
I'd be willing to bet a healthy sum that our own police officers killed more people in the US during 2015 than Muslim extremists did during the last 5 years combined. But are you clamoring to deport all police officers?"

Classy: "Man, I thought I was the damn Nazi here, you're stealing my thunder."

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He was a good meme-lord.

The best.

Holy shit dude that's real fuckin edgy

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