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Tour Guide Barbie

"I'm Tour Guide Barbie." —Tour Guide Barbie introduces herself

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Again. Jokes & shitposts are flying over your head.

You're pretty dense when it comes to humor, huh?

2382390 Yeah, they seem to be flying over my head . . . except that this user meant what he said and said what he meant.



You DO know that this was a shitpost account, right?

Every single joke seems to go flying across your head.

"I'm Tour Guide Barbie." — [as] Tour Guide Barbie introduce[d] herself [in Toy Story 2 (Dir. John Lasseter, USA 1999)]

From that promising premise, this user spent all March posting a series of comments on all of the groups you see on this page. All of them took on a disturbing path—they sounded less like Mattel and/or Pixar's Tour Guide Barbie and more like James Edwards' The Political Cesspool if you read them carefully, validating these guesses (1748884, 1847747)

I'm here to give you a tour of all of Fimfiction, isn't that wonderful?

That sure sounded wonderful, but at the beginning of April—and for all these reasons—that tour came to a sudden end. It also didn't help that she claimed she was FIMFiction designer/coder Knighty at the beginning of her tenure here.

True, but with TGB it looks like the entire purpose of the character was to be used as a gimmick to insult others.

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Hi, I'm Tour Guide Barbie!

I'm here to give you a tour of all of Fimfiction, isn't that wonderful?