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G1 may not have been perfect, but it was regardless very good in its own right. This is a group for stories involving G1 in general, the 'prototype' versions of our current mane cast, or simply those of us who appreciate our origins.

Folders and Submitting: Note that there are two "By Type" folders, and a number of "By Characters" ones. Please submit stories into each of the folders that applies, and also be sure to submit it to the Main folder! However, if your story is Mature, then I'd ask that you only submit it to that and Main, regardless of any character or setting tags that may apply.

As a result of this, and the fact that the 'Stories" counter above tallies together all copies of all stories from every individual folder, well, the counter is incorrect. Simply check the number of stories in the Main folder from now on, if for whatever reason you want to know exactly how many stories are here.

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Comment posted by Clearnote deleted Oct 22nd, 2020

I love G1! It's the greatest generation ever! I mean, seriously. The animation is hand-drawn and beautiful, and more effort is put into it than computer art. The toys are beautiful, with heads and ears that are reasonable sizes and not giant. The colors of the bodies match the heads. Their eyes are hand-painted, and their symbols are ON BOTH SIDES OF THEIR BODY, which is SHOW ACCURATE, unlike the current generation's, which is NOT show accurate AT ALL. To be honest, G4 is just a flop, and G1 is treated unjustly and more people need to show it the respect it deserves.

I love all the Princess from "the quest of the princess ponies"

Yeah, I suppose I'd better join this group. Even though I never enjoyed anything of Gen 1, without it we wouldn't have the version of the show we have today. It'd be like Transformers never having G1, without that we wouldn't have what we have today to enjoy.

351234 both may be contributing problematic factors, from how I red the expression.
it was supposed to be 'up to date', from when published.
the G1 characters can' be up to date?

on the other hoof, I think there may be a few ways around these problesm, if you can tie it into the story as of S4.
several of the old characters have been ported into the new FiM,
and you could place the story in Equesstria, so that the story is tied in, just enough to qualify.

I've had numerous problems on possitions I didn't expect.

I'm confused, are the mods disqualifying any fics done with G1 characters or just ones not set solely in Equestria?

351131 I like the stronger Poni flavour to my storiees, but I guess that's not the cup of tea for every-poni.
That's ok by me, just make the stories good ..

351113 I'll still stick with all the original and my own poni Antics.
on the other hoof, you can word it as you please, particularly in your own stories.


Not from where I sit on the pony timeline, that phrase has fallen out of use, and the human term is now used. (From my fics, lol) :rainbowlaugh:

326607 I hope you get it past the mods, they can be pretty picky on occasion, and this is among the things, isn't it?
298289 Mwegan was the only actual human, aside from the siblings ever to enter the show, right?
I think I saw most all of these old episodes(films)

"Gatomon", is that Digimon?
299604 does it have any bearing on the original point of our group? I think this would be the measuremnt.
Oh, and cool Avatar, by the way.
301288 oh wait, this seems like a possible way to port all our stories for the site?
302240 why, shouldn't the G1 ponies be as clopable as any of the later once?
as I recall, Mares are more or less exlusive throughout.
stallions or colts rarely mentioned.
302761 could someone help out and list all the ponies fter the generation, so we know which once are where?
322058 sorry, "anybody" isn't here, we're all ponies.

332147 one of our problems is that the G1 stories aren't going to be in, unless we can come up with how to trick our way in?

Hi. Nice to meet you all. Hope you guys like my stories.

Maybe we can have a contest of some kind. Just for a little fun.

Gotta say, I like being a mod that doesn't have to do much. I need to find something mod related to actually do, though... Well, may as well help sort the stories later

EDIT: That was fun. I think. Eh, it's done now. I'll be checking every new story addition in the feed for it being added to the Main folder as well as the Type folders

New member alert. I've only recently been frequenting the site. I'm glad to have found other G1 fans. I got a story I'm working on if anyone's interested.

299604 While I personally am not a big fan of TCB, go ahead and add the fic. :twilightsmile:

311197 If you haven't already, go ahead and add them!

322058 Sorry about that. As the group's mod, I have admittedly been a bit negligent. :unsuresweetie:

323098 Fixed it! :twilightsmile:

322058 I'm here. My story was added and that directed me here, but it was in the wrong folder. Scorpan was a hero in the end once a human was involved, why is he considered a villain?

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