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Any story involved in RK-Striker's Hasbroverse from The Elements of Harmony and the Savior of Worlds. There is also a folder for other stories involving Hasbro properties.
NOTE: Any member who is either a known poster on Spacebatltes, or a member of either the SB.Fic group, or the Spacebattles bronies group might become contributors.

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Comment posted by James-Plasma deleted Aug 14th, 2016

Hi, everybody. I've heard so much about the Hasbroverse that I could never resist joining in on the action. So basically, the Hasbroverse, a term coined by RK-Striker-JK-5, is an intertwining of every Hasbro-based cartoon series from the 1980s. It's a brilliant concept, I'll admit. I would love it if the name "Hasbroverse" were a public thing, but I suppose it's up to RK whether or not he wants to make that happen. :pinkiesmile:

Uh, hi! I'm not from Spacebattles or anything, but Striker's a friend of mine from RPG.net, and I just figured I'd join the group (and not only to add my own particular TF/Pony crossover, really. Cough).

Anyway, keep up the good work, Striker!

This is relevant due to the author's inclusion of G1 Transformers, and Doctor Who. This is the single most deadly Decepticon ever, only if it keeps all TARDIS abilities in robot mode.

the science vs magic is always a tough battle to predict my guess is Twilight can accept that thumatic manipulation is a quantifiable and explainable as gravity or any other hard science but when throw in alternative realities and slight changes in thumatic frequencies
the auto ots may have a fight on there hands

Especially since it includes GI Joe and G1 Transformers! That last fact makes you just want to see the Elements of Harmony used in conjunction with the Matrix of Leadership in United We Stand.

one of the best crossover and G1-G4 cannon integrations I have read

I'd like to make a polite welcome to any Lunaverse members who may be here from RK Striker's Lunaverse/Hasbroverse fic. Please, feel free to look through the Hasbroverse for background info. We have your favorite childhood heroes Hasbro made in the 1980's, and the Doctor!

Not a problem, I was just curious

So you are to blame for the alerts now?

Added a folder for general Hasbro crossovers.

I expected that it would be general Hasbro crossovers as well, and not just RK's works, awesome thought they may be.

Sorry, but Strikers fics are the only ones I know of with even a partial crossover with those.

While I agree that Striker's universe setting is deserving of it's own group, what I was hoping for was a group that housed any Hasbro/MLP crossover. GI Joe, Dungeons and Dragons, Inhumanoids, etc.

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