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  • The King Is Dead, Long Live The Emperor! A changeling, sent back in time due to a freak accident, kills King Sombra... and ends up as the new ruler of the city. Hilarity ensues. by Bucking Nonsense 121,945 words · 21,626 views · 2,736 likes · 82 dislikes
  • The Elements of Harmony and the Savior of Worlds An old legend from Equestria's past returns, but is there a place for her in this new world? by RK_Striker_JK_5 185,889 words · 23,376 views · 1,270 likes · 53 dislikes
  • The Wizard and the Lonely Princess We all have imaginary friends when growing up, right? Harry's turns out not to be so Imaginary... by Harry Leferts 161,810 words · 26,485 views · 2,146 likes · 83 dislikes
  • Applebloom: Transform and Roll Out! Applebloom has a secret. A secret so well hidden even she never knew it. But when the truth comes to light, how will she cope when the reality of her past comes crashing down? More importantly, how will she deal with her new enemies: The Decepticons? by Dusty the Royal Janitor 121,095 words · 13,656 views · 1,020 likes · 31 dislikes
  • Diary of a Store Clerk Living in Equestria under a false name and racial identity is one thing. Finding out you're not the only one of your kind stranded here is another... especially when that someone and the element bearers are looking for you. by GnollReader 30,516 words · 19,740 views · 2,335 likes · 53 dislikes

Top Favourites Part 2

  • Hail to the King A human soul is stuffed into King Sombra's body. Having no idea what's going on, and thinking he is in some kind of coma, he just casually strolls into the Crystal Empire. by Qwapdo 85,508 words · 61,910 views · 5,232 likes · 87 dislikes
  • Halo: On the Wings of Angels Halo Crossover. Twilight Sparkle is teleported to a world about to be glassed by The Covenant. by Gyvon 34,391 words · 33,736 views · 2,889 likes · 77 dislikes
  • Twilight makes first contact Princess Twilight Sparkle writes pony history by opening a portal to another world and making first contact with extra-Equestrian intelligence. Only snag: the portal opens at a pony ranch on Earth. by Immanuel 54,179 words · 15,721 views · 1,412 likes · 45 dislikes
  • Arrow 18 Mission Logs: Lone Ranger A mission to investigate a far off world takes an interesting twist. by AdmiralTigerclaw 66,597 words · 54,644 views · 5,219 likes · 85 dislikes
  • Hands A slightly more realistic take on the "Human in Equestria" story concept. by Andrew Joshua Talon 147,356 words · 70,754 views · 4,321 likes · 305 dislikes
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2294437 You can unban me now.

2294437 Also I know you didn't mean to do it.

2294437 I meant I banned someone by accident.

2294437 I've had the same thing happen to myself on a different group too.

I am so sorry for this. I'll try to contact a site mod later in the morning to try and fix this.

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