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This story is a sequel to Seven Years

Family had always been a strange notion to Princess Skyla, and anypony who knew her history would never wonder why the filly had such a vague grasp of the concept. Every memory she had of her family was tainted and dark, the photographs of her life smeared and marred by the decisions made by her mother and father, and she couldn't remember a time when she could even think about the word "family" without a black veil of disgust and sadness drawing over her heart. As such, family was never something that Skyla had ever given much thought, unless it was how she was going to get away from them.

Now, however, family is all Skyla can think about. Princess Cadence and Shining Armor have welcomed her with open hooves into their home, and their daughter, Princess Flurry Heart, is overjoyed to suddenly have a "big sister" to learn about and play with. She hasn't been officially crowned a Princess yet, but despite that the whole of the Kingdom is abuzz with news of her, and all of the Princesses of Equestria have all set aside time to come and see her for themselves...

...but try as she might, Skyla can't shake the feeling that something is wrong. Not with anypony else... but with her. She doesn't know how family is supposed to act around each other when they're not trying to scheme and stab you in the back; she has no earthly idea how sisters are supposed to behave around one another, or how a mother and daughter are actually supposed to talk to one another in normal, every day situations. She's a mess, with her heart and head all tangled up in knots that may never come undone -- and that's even before the nightmares start.

Flurry Heart, however, isn't about to give up on her, and with a little bit of help from a lot of different ponies, she'll work hard to show Skyla that a family isn't about the blood that you share, but about the bonds that you forge.

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Hmmm interesting very interesting *grabs popcorn bag*

Awwww, ist was pretty cute :rainbowkiss:

Yes so very cute. I'm going to follow this.

Okay, yeah. That's a good start. Tyrant Sparkle can be fun as long as she stays on the goatee'd side of the mirror. And alt-universe siblings are the best kind of siblings. They're like blood relatives you get to choose.

Found this awesome story today. Really like it, I hope you well keep going with it!

Loving it so far, looking forwards to more! :twilightsmile:

Eeee a sequel! :pinkiehappy:

Don't worry, Skyla; Twilight's a nice pony. If she gets out of hand, just have an emergency quesadilla on hand to ward her off. :rainbowlaugh:

Celestia is dead in the other verse hmm well shit

I wonder where Spike is, after all he's a big deal in the Empire. Nice into to everyone and an interesting insight to the alt. World. Skyla's ability to sense magic is pretty good, and I have to worry why she got so good so fast. I'm calling it, Starlight is having Sunburst's foal or they are getting hitched.

I have to wonder what's happening in the other world?

Well now, it seems the plot's a-rolling here.

Good chapter. You've done a good job of writing enjoyable characters, and Skyla's quite an interesting protagonist.

“Oh, also presenting Sunburst,” said Flash, pointing with a hoof at the other stallion. “Sunburst is here too, guys.”

Smooth, Flash. Very smooth. :rainbowlaugh:

So Celestia is the only thing keeping the ponies of Equestria from going evil. Good to know! :trollestia:

Yeah, the best part is maybe when Flash is like, "Oh, and Sunburst is here too, I guess. You know, in case anypony cares or something."

I'm glad you guys are liking it so far! :D I'm having a lot more fun writing this than I thought that I would, so I hope you'll enjoy what happens next! :3

Awww, you don't wanna see an alt-universe Tyrant Sparkle come rampaging through Equestria as we know it? XP

And you're right about alt-universe siblings -- hopefully Skyla comes to see it that way, too! :3

I'm always super excited to hear that people like what I have and want more! Hopefully you'll continue to enjoy what happens! :D

Yup -- alt. universe Celestia is dead. You'll find out more in the next chapter. :D

Honestly? There's no Spike right now. I'll openly admit that I don't usually like writing Spike, but that aside I don't really have a role for him to fill at the moment. I have a feeling he'll show up later, but for right now (and yes, this is canon to this story) he's sitting back in Twilight's castle, eating sweets while watching the Cutie Map for her. He's basically getting a fun semi-vacation. XD

Aaaaaand as far as your prediction... well, I don't want to give anything away, so I won't dig too deep. I will say, however, that Starlight and Sunburst's relationship is not going to have much to do with the story, and I can tell you that she's not preggers. XD

Also, good pickup on Skyla's ability. It's important. :D

Hopefully the next chapter will give you enough information about the other world to sate your desire for knowledge! Twilight would be proud of you. X3

Thank you very much. :D I'm having a really good time writing with all of these different ponies to play off of, and Skyla has been extremely interesting to get to know. She's not going to be the only perspective from which we see the story, but hopefully I'll be able to bring the same level of competence to the others. :3 Plot ahoy!

Honestly, that part came totally out of left field. It just struck me and was so funny that I couldn't say no to it. I'm glad that you guys liked it! :D I have a feeling that Flash and Sunburst are going to get plenty of opportunities to be funny and/or snarky throughout this story.

Welllllllllllllllllllll you might be surprised at how good the class can do while the teacher is absent. Read here: dead. The next chapter is going to lay a lot of that out, so I hope you'll enjoy learning a little about an alternate world. :3

7599657 is it bad that in the other verse I declare evil twilight a chaos worshipper and declare exsterminatus against her

That was a really Great chapter :twilightsmile: now i want more :raritystarry:

Great chapter!

I'm suddenly very suspicious about the lack of Elements in Skyla's home universe. I don't know how yet, but I'm sure that's going to come up again.

blood of the Sparkles and Celestia running through her veins

You realise Cadance is an adopted niece, right? After she ascended to an alicorn from a pegasus, Celestia felt her enter the starfield like with Twilight.

“I had to contact Flurry Heart. I…” Skyla blushed slightly. “I knew that she was here, in this world

Aaaaand.. how did she know?


Alright, you got me hooked. Definitely tracking, will likely add to faves later.

Yep, I was right. Fave easily earned. :twilightsmile: Please don't take too long with the next chapter!

Unfortunately, it seems that the other Equestria is already in a downward spiral; the Elements and Crystal Heart are missing, the Crystal Empire is allied with the Windigos and attacking Equestria, and the only living alicorns have either succumbed to power lust or nope-ed right out of the universe itself.

Either the war ravages the continent and leaves them defenseless against whatever threat comes next (my money is on Discord), or they're already defenseless and the bad guy is just taking his sweet time getting there.

I've got a feeling that Skyla's story isn't entirely what she says it is. She was pretty detailed up until the Windigos showed up, then it suddenly skips to her escape. I wonder if the war was already over when she left, and the pony she was running from at the end of the first story wasn't Cadance, but Twilight, because she'd won.

I do bet not all of it is true, because there a few things that seem off.

Like who was the Mare chasing her when leaving her world?

When Skyla mention Queen Twilight, she sounded more scared than anything.

And a little odd about the way she talk about her Mother. Like that she might have been a better pony until something happen when her aunt found out about the plans. (I think it's possible Shiny might be dead because he was never mention...)

Anyways I really love the History of that world, though I thought it might have been darker but that was a great one!

Only things missing are Sunset & Changlings.

The mare chasing her was AU Cadence, I think. Though it could've been AU Twi.
Skyla seemed more scared of AU Twi than anything because she was. That Twilight was very powerful, and very evil, and Cadence expected Skyla to fight her to the death in a few years.
Also I'm guessing Shining isn't dead because he was still using his shield spell when the windigos came. Though I suppose they could've killed him.

Ah, yeah -- I forgot that. I'm so used to writing Cadence as being blood related to Celestia (thanks to other projects in other AUs) that I just kinda plowed ahead. That and I was so geared up to write Skyla's history that Twilight's bit with Flurry just kinda slipped out. XD I've edited it in "Princesses of Equestria", but that phraseology is remaining in "History of the World" because AU Cadence very much believes that she IS the bloodline of Celestia, since she was able to become an alicorn and all, and since no one can really challenge her on it, she's going to ride it as far as she can. XD

Don't worry, it'll all make sense in the future. Probably. Maybe. :scootangel:

I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! :D And I'll do my best with the chapters! Things have been flowing very smoothly so far, so here's hoping that it continues to do so.

Hm Starlight seems to be acting a bit unlike herself than she usually does, unless the whole situation is getting to her. Wonder how Skyla will be during her stay there with how similar it is to her world

Shining should probably start building an army anyways, just to be safe. The moment someone starts mentioning "warlike alternate universe" and "portal to said universe," it's always a good idea to assume you'll need to deal with them eventually.

Cool chapter. Starlight's quite enjoyable in her pessimism, just for contrast with the optimistic others.

Poor Skyla! The one thing she knew nothing about from her home in the Mirror Universe was unconditional love and trust. She was just going to have to learn all about it from her baby sister!

It will probably be most difficult to persuade Luna not to have one of her guilt fits and assume that every bad thing that happened in Skyla's life is somehow her fault, even though it all happened in a totally different universe.

Y'know... It's hard to imagine Twilight as a passionless, iron-hoofed monarch! :twilightoops:

Interesting... So the divergence point of the timelines appears to have been at the end of the Age of Chaos. Did Celestia and Luna return the Elements to the Tree of Harmony in Skyla's home universe?

Going by the fact that Sunset's presence at CHS hasn't caused that world to go into meltdown in all the years she's been there, we can assume that just Skyla's presence won't be enough to cause such a problem. Of course, that depends on it being JUST Skyla that crosses over. Granted, with the other mirror world(with the formerly good Sombra), it took 1000+ years of Celestia crossing over for booty calls and then the Mane 6 crossing over to trigger that one, so let's hope auntie Twilight only comes herself instead of bringing her army over to play...

I believe it's caused the Entropic Cascade Failure. Some forms of trans-universal travel leave the traveller out-of-synch with local quantum energies and it eventually disintegrates them from the inside out at a quantum level. It is... a very unpleasant form of death.

It's something that would be even more dangerous given that there are further forces of nature on the MLP multiverse such as Magic that might react violently to an intruder form a different dimension who has no way back home. Basically, Skyla could very plausibly be a walking magical nuclear bomb waiting to go off.

Sunset has never been without a connection back home - Even when closed, the Mirror of Worlds/Plinth portal has always been extant. However, Skyla's portal was designed to self-destruct and seal the way back forever. So, she doesn't have any possible energy link home that could stabilise any dangerous quantum or magical instability.

It may even be advisable to launch a pre-emptive strike in the long run, especially given how intelligent and amorally ambitious Queen Twilight is.

7624405 If incompatible quantum effects are at play, the reaction would be nigh-instantaneous.

Remember Egon's explanation of why you don't cross the streams? Pretty much that.

Threat or not, they still need to build an army.
Time to do like Rome in 'Total War: Rome II' and spam 'em Praetorian Guards and Ballistae.

Praetorian Guards. Fitting name, no? Crystal EMPIRE, what look like the Colosseum, goes with the naming theme of the armed forces of Equestria in having "Guard" in its name, Praetorian means protector,...

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