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Seven hundred years ago, Princess Celestia lost her daughter to the human world. She went mad, deciding that humanity must pay. She crossed the dimensional veil and thus the Solar Tyrant began her war. She did the unthinkable, bringing Equestria to Earth, destroying one world in the process and nearly destroying another.

However, neither Princess Luna, the Bearers or their allies could stand for this and so they waged war against the Tyrant, quickly moving to aid humanity. Technology met magic, and somehow, humanity survived.

Now Sunset Shimmer has reincarnated...into a world full of chaos and strife. And the only way to end it is to kill the one responsible - her mother.

No one ever said a hunter's job was ever easy.

EqG/The Conversion Bureau/Destiny crossover.

Chapters (9)
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Wow, I can definitely see the 7DSJ influences here. However, it's a different enough story that I'm intrigued to see what happens next.

How does the Golden Age and the Collapse come into play? Or the Traveler, or....?

Yeah, I'm watching this story.

Thanks! I used Seven Days as a template because I liked the realism of the world, and thought it would make for a nice jumping point.

And things aren't quite what they seem, really. Think of the story as using the frameworks of Destiny and TCB, but not completely outright themselves. It'll make sense later, I promise.

EqG/The Conversion Bureau/Destiny crossover.

The Conversion Bureau

I take it you've never heard of the saying 'Dead dove, do not eat'?

In fairness, TCB was the closest parallel I could come up with for some parts - personally, not a fan of those stories.

If that's the case, you'll want to separate yourself from TCB as much as possible. I assume you're talking about The Taken, and while yes, there's a very rough equivalent, a link to TCB is not the kind of headache you want.

so close, and yet, so far. why can't people see that sunset is obviously a sunsinger?? she loves magic and she's practically a pheonix anyways. she's already mastered radiance and fireborn.

An interesting concept,though the Conversion Bureau connection is a bit off-putting. I'll mark this under Read Later and give it another look once there's more content.

I always thought of her as a gunslinger, if only because she's a straight shooter. Bladedancer, because she used to move on the edge of a knife (which is how bullies operate), and Nightstalker because bows are cool. :rainbowlaugh:

Man i hope Celestia's Punishment is eternal rewinds of reliving whats he doen tot he day she dies for all time never able to stop it, and never able to find peace.

Celestia is unredeemable in this story and so are the ones who serve her.

Yeah, I'm wondering about the Traveler Element.

Also, unless I read that wrong, the First and Second Taken War seemed to happen almost as the same time, as in WWI and II style, only a span of years apart. Is that right?

And it's clear the Speaker is someone Sunset knows. I wonder who it is, given that you revealed her as female. Luna, maybe?

GRrrr I'm hating Celestia more and more then ever with each chapter! :twilightangry2:

I hope Sunset make her burn forever!

7653522 .

I don't think she's Celestia anymore in the same way Darth Vader wasn't Anakin Skywalker. Same body, sorta different person. TQP did note that "the last vestiges" of Celestia died when she witnessed her daughter's murder by one of her own troops.

I got a name suggestion for those who serves Nightmare Star, it's a bit cliche but I'll think it'll work, "The Fallen".

You're right; I meant five hundred. Fixed.

I might just do that, if people don't confuse them with the Fallen (which are replaced by the diamond dogs in-story.)

Cayde is voiced by Nathan Fillion like Cayde-6, right? Also, will the Game Theory on the Traveler influence this?

Yes, for those of you who read characters' lines in the actors' voices, I didn't imagine anyone else. So Cayde and Cayde-6 are one and the same, voice actor-wise.

And no, the Element is not the Traveler. It's much worse.

Twice Twice Celestia had broken her daughter's heart, Twice she has taken everything from her, twice she has murdered her friends and love ones, twice she has...ruined her life.

⟪Hey, wake up!⟫ a voice cooed. ⟪Wake up, Guardian!⟫

Literally how I make my hamster wake up but his name is Jack and I often end up poking him awake.

the thing pretty much looked reminiscent of that X-shaped Starfighter from that sci-fi franchise Flash had been so fond of.

I know what it is! :twilightsmile:
Also, nice reference to it. :raritywink:

I do hope something left of Celestia, that way she can face the charges of her sins.
There going to be a army of beings wanting her in chains dragged to faces the charges of what she done.
Unless she hidden away and made to fake ehr death, won't matter as she have to deal with the guilt of her sins, which i look forward to.:pinkiecrazy:

I really love this story but i can't help but wonder this. Even if Nightmare star is dealt with what about the dog tribes and all the other enemies that are around.
Will they magicaly go away or become worst when they lose thier leader for good?

If you're a Destiny player: did the Fallen go away because Oryx was destroyed?

If you're not a Destiny player: there's nothing for them to go back to. It's either take over the world or die.


Well of course they didn;t go away it's a game.
i figured in this a story be different.
But yeah just great WAY TO GO CELESTIA!
More burdens to for her to shoulder, ethier they wipe them out, or somehow find a means of peace, but with the way they act wiping them out may be the only choice....Yeeck.

Swarm grenades are within the gunslinger class, did u mean the skip grenade of the bladedancer?

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