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Sunset Shimmer and her friends discover a strange new ability known as a Stand. Derived from a strange golden arrow relic, they soon become entangled in a struggle against a shadowy and evil force and his own army of various Stand users that seek to gain power and control over both their world, and Equestria itself.

A simple crossover fic basically giving the cast Stand powers from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. There is a lot of punch-related violence, but blood and gore will be light, and the language usually either not too bad, or in a foreign language. You don't need to know much about Jojo to get into the fic, as most of the characters are either OCs or from EQ. Just hop in and enjoy!

If you have an idea for a Stand, or it's user, go ahead and feel free to suggest it. You guys make this all possible.

Edit: As of 3/21/19, we have reached 700 views. Thanks guys!

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Ayyy, that's pretty good! Keep it up!

I've always wondered why they never seem to try sussing out other users with invisible shenanigans.

I can almost imagine a doctor getting a stand. [Dr. Feelgood]. Close range stand. It’s fingers end in scalpels, and he can manifest various coatings on them. Slicing a person or stand wold poison them with those coatings, such as the mainstay that causes the victim to derive nothing but happiness and a sense of wellness from being injured further

Oof, that's a scary idea. My own Doctor character later on is much different, but that is a good idea. You should go with that on your own. You seem to have some amazing ideas as well.

You mean in my story, or in Jojo in general?

Jojo in general. I mean, a lot of stands are dangerous at short range, but there's ways around it.
Have your punchghost stand in front of you and make rude gestures, have the stand make rude gestures, etc.

I think it might have to do with the fact the Stand power is kind of limited. Me myself, when I was writing Straight Comet, found it hard to separate his abilities from Achtung Baby, so it's possible he just finds that boring, or has trouble making invisibility stand out from other Stands that also have that power.

No, no, like
>only stand users can see stands
>need to find the ENEMY STAND USER in a crowd
>have stand stand in front of you blocking the view
>flip off crowd while watching for the guy that's slower to react (every nonstand user can see you through the stand)

That's an interesting idea. Kinda like what Jotaro did with Captain Tenille. Sorry I didn't get that, I was napping, and was still groggy from it when I replied.

So I have two stand ideas if you're willing to see them.

Stand name : Tubthumping (if you don’t know that’s the song “I get knocked down but I get up again” )
Appearance: stand looks like a anatomy doll with a old style television for a head. It’s mainly red and blue.
Stand power: tubthumping is known as the immortality stand because it takes physical force used against it and it’s master and it collects that energy. That energy can either be used for a physical boost or healing. The stand possesses no other abilities but the healing is automatic so even if the stand user is unconscious it will work.

Weaknesses: no range at all, it can’t heal and boost at the same time, automatic healing can’t be stopped, only gains energy from forceful attacks. Suffocating, poison, and sleeping magic would still work.

Who I think would be a good user : applejack or spike.

Second stand

Stand name: Diamond eyes (shinedown song)

Stand appearance: a 18th century noble woman with pale blue skin covered in a dress made of crystal. A pattern like eyes is all over the dress.

Stand abilities: the ability to turn liquid into a diamond like crystal (in appearance only. The crystals can’t be sold for money.) and the ability to shoot the crystals fast and accurately over extremely large distances.

Weaknesses: no close quarters combat skills at all, if it doesn’t have a outside source it will take the liquid from its users body. High chance of severe dehydration.

Notes : the eyes on the dress areya pattern. They’re real eyes.

Best possible user: rarity

Very interesting. Tubthumping sounds very similar to one of the villain Stands I came up with called Death Magnet, which basically takes all damage from a Stand and absorbs it to empower itself, starting as an average Stand, and soon, allowing it, as it gets hit, to out-pass Star Platinum or The World. Great minds think alike, I think.

I have Stands planned out for all the main characters, but thanks for the suggestion. If you are ok with it, I can use your ideas for another character.

I mean, Jotaro did that nose thing

And o be fair, most Stand users since then have been more direct in approach. Even Kira, Diavolo and Pucci, despite hiding out, often do something in someway that makes them easier to find then say, Captain Tennille.

Nice seen the series and read the manga but Weather man stand power was a nightmare!

Ah yes, Weather Report's snails. His whole family seems to get the most frightening stand powers.

i have a stand idea if your willing to include it.

Sure. I only have about 10 or so Stands, so any fan who wants to suggest one is free to do so.

a stand called Iron Sabeth

Namesake: Iron Man by Black Sabbath

Stats: power A, speed D, range C, durability D, precision E, potential E

Description: pink horse head with a human torso/arms metal hands (this will make sense later) and goat legs

Abilities: when both hands make contact with another stand user for three seconds the user in question will turn to metal

When both hands make contact with another stand for eight seconds Iron Sabeth will copy the other stand’s offensive abilities (can’t copy abilities stronger than his own)

Emotion amplification: stand can enhance the emotion that the user or opponent is feeling

Mind manipulation: can invade the thoughts of other stand users but can make them go insane

Can look into the future

Can produce electromagnetic fields

all copied from my gdoc on said stand

I like it, very interesting ideas and powers, as well as design. I think that a lot of these powers will make it difficult to fight, however. Seeing into the future and emotion manipulation are especially strong, and don't seem to gel well with the idea of physical contact with a Stand and it's user. When I do use it, you don't mind if I cut some powers, just to make it a little easier, or have the Stand more balanced out?

the time frame of 3 seconds can be enough time to knock the stand off, guess i should have made this clear but the user that has been converted still has a fighting chance as they don't turn into a metal statue, so the other stand user can move the stand copy ability hasa limit as he can't copy abilities that exceed his own abilities.

Alright, I guess I get it. I'll work him in soon.

Oh stand ideas are still cool?

Name: crazy choice (inspiration "I can't decide - scissor sisters"
Appearance: a pair of linked daggers that look and act similar to a pair of scissors. The stand is a random and chaotic mix of colors and has images of faces on the blade.

Stand stats
Power B ( its cutting power alone is barely meeting c class. This is taking into account its second ability)
Speed b
Range E (capital is taking into account the ability to throw)
Durability b
Precision c
Potential c


Inversion - anything cut by crazy choice inverts. Ice burns, medicine kill, friends become foes, strong stands become weak.

Discord - anything stabbed by crazy choice becomes unstable and begins to break down. For physical objects its like something put them through a paper shredder. For people and animals the breakdown is mental.


Inversion can invert anything. So it could make a weak stand strong. Or cure a poisoned for.

Discord is a single target ability and if its using its mental breakdown ability it will take 4 hours before the process is finished.

Range is a issue. Despite its abilities its just a knife. Its deadlines is completely dependant on its user and their physical capabilities.

Yeah, I should put that in the description. You can all suggest any number of Stands for me to use. You can even come up with the OC/User that will use them. You guys make this all possible.

That is a great Stand idea. You seem to have a talent for creating these.

Stand name : funky town
Stand user: (I don't have a OC but it's be awesome if you'd let vinyl scratch use it)

stand ability: manipulation of sound waves.

Uses : echolocation, vocal mimicry, and molecular destabilization.

Strength: E (B if using molecular destabilization)
Range: E (A for range of effect. E for distance stand can move from user)
precision: c (even with echolocation its hard to direct and aim sound waves)
potential: A
Durability: c

Appearance: funky town is a stand that needs a medium. A CD player, a toolbox, a radio. Anything that produces sound will work. The stands appearance will change slightly based on the medium. The medium will be expanded and warped into a chestplate for the stand.

It looks like a armor wearing tiger covered in bits of machinery, speakers, and neon lights. It is possible for the stand to stand upright.

Weaknesses: too much sound can easily block its echolocation which is the main way the stand sees and aims its attacks.

Molecular destabilization can and will backfire if kept active.

Notes : I know in the series and movies vinyl hasn't spoke. So I thought it fitting for a blind stand that makes sound to be paired with a mute user who acts as its eyes.

Plus a double joke. Possibly triple
Funky town
Uptown funk
Neon tiger.

Hmmm. I just might find a way to work that into the next part. But you really have to stop. If you keep giving me such great ideas, I'll just have to give the whole story to you at that point.:twilightsmile:

Unfortunately all I have is a phone to type on. Plus I'm better at ideas then execution >.>

I got a stand if you wanna use it in this story.

StandName: MirrorShield Remastered

User: Lightning Flash

Ability: life of a video game

Destructive Power: A*

Speed: A

Range: C

Durability: D*

Precision: B

Developmental Potential: A

Appearance: Remastered is a stand that wears items relating to video games. while its head seems to be similar to hierophant green with a pair of gaming headphones fused into its head.

on its left hand, it bears a power glove. on its right, it dons a modern gaming glove. it wears an overcoat similar to Starfox's Fox McCloud with a pair of dark blue jeans that are rolled up to the knees. where a pair of silver platted knights boots compleats its attire. these boots also seem to fuse onto the stand itself. on the coat, it bears a badge of a sinning red "R".

its body overall color is cyber blue with its eyes being silver in color.

Description: by being shot by the stand arrow for the second time through the user's adventure, MirrorShield has transformed. Now known as Remastered, this stand can alter the laws of physics to mimic any and all video games. Allowing the user to pull impossible feats including making impossible jumps, unrealistically strong attacks and other feats unnatural to the physical world. This stand now also has a "skill tree" system. Every time Remastered "levels up", it can unlock a new "skill" that it has previously encountered when it was MirrorShield as well as skill its sees. Now that it is no longer a shield, its ability to defend was significantly weekend.

Current available "skills":
Mirror memory: remastered will add the ability of any stand to its "skill tree" as a "skill". this can only be done when the user learns of his opponent's ability. no cooldown

Kordadada!! barrage- Remastered shall release a barrage of fast and powerful punches to inflict serious damage. no cooldown

True Defence- Remastered shall throw away all attack power to prioritize defense. this can be used to deflect all forms of damage. no cooldown

Shadow possession**- Remastered shall disappear into the darkness to hide from its target. at the same time, the stand shall attempt to "link" itself to the shadow of its target. once this happens, the target can only move my remastered movements. cooldown, 10 hours

lasso of the primal flame- remastered shall attempt to capture the target with a lasso if fire. if the target's stand hasn't been summoned before the lasso catches, the target cant calls their stand to defend themselves. cooldown, 3 hours.

the clock of time- when activated, remastered can manipulate time to its will. this can be done in two different ways.
time stop: freezes time for 5 seconds. cooldown 10 seconds.
time travel: remastered shall cut into the "Timescape", which allows the user to travel to a point in time and back. if the user is unable to go back before the portal closes, he will have to wait until the cooldown wears off. cooldown 1 day to several weeks.

*only when "true Defence" is not in use. when in use, durability increases to A+ while destructive power drops to E-.
** anyone whose will is strong enough can overpower the possession.

Hmm, your own character's Stand? I intended for most to be one shot villains of the week, but I think I might be able to change a few things to work this in.

I don't mind. To be honest, I feel like the skill tree is a bit much when I was writing that up. It's just been in my head for months now.

Alright then, I'll try and work it in anyway I can. If you want, in exchange you can use any of the Stand I've made in your story if you wish.

Will there be a point where Sunset gets to show off her own sword skills?

She is a member of the fencing team, after all. Wouldn't be out of place for that to come up in a stand duel.

Horray! Thank you for using the stand idea.

And I hope you enjoyed thanksgiving season. And will enjoy Christmas and or other winter holiday.

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like? Do any of them sound like characters from the JoJo franchise?

Thank you for the great ideas, and for staying along for the ride. Thanks. I hope you and those close to you have a happy holiday too.

I don't really know. I either hear them in either Jojo-ish voices or MLP-ish voices, just depending on each character.

You know, I just remembered that as I was finishing up Blade Strike's defeat, and wished I could've worked it in sooner. I'll probably write a future chapter to show off those skills to make up for it.

“We,” She hesitated for a moment, before pointing over the Rock Stand. “We run away!”


The Joestar Technique ain't just for Joestars.

Two things.

One a observation one a idea.

1. The best plan for destroying the group the emperor could use is basically to follow rpg rules. Take out healers and ranged fighters first. Most of the plans they have used have been pretty self injuring because they could rely on instant healing.

2. You know when I saw the clip of the dazzlings at that talent show and saw the ghostly siren things flying around I immediately thought "a enemy stand!"

Just saying :p

"Next you're probably going to say 'But how, I have control over Sunset!', am I right?" Twilight said, pointing at her downed friend. "But you remember what my Stand can do, with altering mental commands and installing orders and such?"

I am disappointed, you had a perfect setup for a Joseph joke, and didn't go for it. That would have been a good reference.
Welp... That's a thought, the Sirens return with「Stand Power」. Given their demeanor, they might just be a third faction of this war!

I'm planning out the final battle right now. He's definitely not going to play nice with the healer.

I actually thought the same things when i saw it to. Lol.

I thought about that, but I decided more to reference Bruno and Giorno's first fight, with this part especially. https://youtu.be/jB_sG51B3zA?t=31

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