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Rainbow Dash discovers that she has suddenly acquired a mysterious and ancient power known as a Stand. Soon after, she learns of a cult of evil Stand Users who are threatening to unearth a long slumbering power that could threaten to destroy Equestria as she knows it. Now it is up to Rainbow Dash, her friends, and her Stand, 「2 Minutes to Midnight」, to defeat these Evil Stand Users. Surely a Bizarre Adventure awaits.

This story is a crossover/fusion of MLP and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. No Jojo characters will appear in it, only themes and concepts from the show/manga. The story will feature at least 24 unique Stands created by me and/or my friend/coauthor. I plan on updating this every Friday. So stay tuned! Comments are both wanted and appreciated.

Also posted on my AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/18445076/chapters/43696103

Check out this awesome fanart: https://www.deviantart.com/luckyboys121/art/My-Little-Bizarre-Adventure-793976154

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I declare a toast! In the name of a new JoJo's Bizarre Adventure X My Little Pony fic.


Thanks! Likes and Comments are always appreciated!

Cheers to two great franchises. Let's raise a Hamon infused glass of wine to them.

Loving this story so far, Rainbows reaction to her Stand (fear at first, then excitement after she's had some rest and had it explained to her) was very cool and definitely how she would react. Adding this tracking and can't wait for the next update on Friday, keep up the great work (also tell your boyfriend I and others say thanks for pushing you to write this)

I'll certainly tell him, in addition to the many thanks I've given him

Always good to see a new JJBA fic on the site :)

Heh, and now I’m interested. Though a part of me wants to blurt our stand ideas.

Well not that it wouldn't be appricate. But this part is nearly written. I've got all Stands already picked.

Will I need o know anything about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure in order to understand this story?

Comment posted by Lemon Lime Light deleted May 4th, 2019

I'd highly recommend watching and/or reading it regardless, but I'm not entirely sure. It's set in the MLP Universe, with no Jojo characters at all. Just the concept of Stands. A couple references and stylistic choices would probably fly over your head, but I'm pretty sure I explain everything to do with the power of Stand in story.

You know, when I realized that this is going to be Pinkie's chapter I was hoping that she would do "Yare, Yare Deze" at some point.
Although I understand that she was confused and she was fighting her friend, so it would make no sense for her to break the Fourth Wall like that.
Oh well, there's always a next time.

You kept alternating between calling Twist he and she several times. Or were you referring to her stand?

Don't worry, next Pinkie Chapter has a fourth wall break (thought admittedly one that not everyone will probably catch). But you have made me realize that Pinkie has not やれやれ'd at all in anything I've written. This is a crime I need to fix!

Like i said in the notes, this chapter originally had a nameless colt as Candy Coated Fury's user. It was a last minute decision to change that to Twist. So that's just, sloppy marks left from that. I'll need to go over that again and make sure I completely worked Twist into that, my bad.

I swear Mr. FBI agent, it was for my story

Outside your window.
-Oh, so you don't need this two jars of lime juice?

preventing any outside interference such as wind or time from hampering the perception of its user

or time ay.... so our main villain is recruiting an army of stand users through trickery and brainwashing, but doesn't really seem to care about their safety, Twilight and Rainbow found an ancient coffin in the Castle of the Two Sisters, and judging by that bit of foreshadowing he might have a stand related to time... hmmm

(still absolutely loving the story by the way, just couldn't resist making the comparison)

I was wondering how are you going to nerf Discord.

And still think that the figure behind Him is his stand 『D I O』!

She immediately covered her hands with her mouth

I know Pinkie defies physics but still...

Temposhark acts a bit like Oasis, in it that while Oasis can only swim through stone, Temposhark can swim through anything.

I was thinking that at first, but I realized the Stands aren't that alike at all once you think about it. Temposhark swims through solid objects as if they were liquid. Oasis turns solid objects around it into mud, allowing it to swim through it. So, much like The World and King Crimson, similar effect, different cause.

This Him guy reminds me of Yoshikage Kira for some reason.

Nice use of Hamon (as much as I love Stands I do wish it had stuck around for awhile longer in the series)

Does that mean it's too late to suggest Journey as a Stand?

For this part, yes, unfortunately.
For the future, I could definitely use Journey as a name

Darn, I was really hoping for a steely Dan or Chioccolatta style beatdown. She would definitely deserve it.

Could give it to Spike, maybe. Journey could mean many things. To better oneself, to defeat a foe...

And country song and albums don't make the best Stand names, as I found out.

Same so much, I had a similar experience.

Though if I were to name this Applejack Stand, I would call it [Country Roads] (Applejack's a country girl, the song sounds like something Jackie would like, and Applejack forms a connection between the body and the trees, like a country. (actually, maybe that is the name I should use for my own Jojo/MLP story. Once I have any idea what it is supposed to be.)

Or [Old Town Roads], but you probably are not really wanting to use that name.

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

I'm not the best at describing voices, but for Derelict at least, he'd sound somewhat like Arakune from Blazblue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YRRCwKW1cw

Very good chapter and happy to see this story back.

Also between that last tragedy, and the fact Voltaire has lived so long he forgot his name (or his stands name) I'm guessing there is some kind of immortality shenanigans going on that I can't wait to find out more about :twilightsmile:

Oh, perhaps there is. Perhaps it'll lead to some sort of cool reveal that I am literally currently trying to write.

How many chapters long will this story be?

Right now, it's looking like somewhere around 27 or 28. This is Chapter 21 right now. I got a couple more already written but they need to be polished. I'm working on one of the last few fights, however slow it'll be. And that'll be the end...of this part

...wait, so he says he's unable to bring her pain... after kicking her in the face? I'm confused.

Oversight on my part. I'll fix it after work, sorry. I had long breaks between writing

Oh, I thought it was just me. And I completely understand.

To think this all started because Discord tried to brush them off by giving them a nothing task, almost makes you feel bad for Derelict.... almost.

Regardless another great chapter and eager to see what comes next :twilightsmile:

Vinyl leaned up against her dishwasher. Bangarang tossed its cord to her. Vinyl plugged the cord into the dishwasher. Bangarang put both of the speaker’s on its palms up against Façade’s ears. Vinyl turned a knob on the dishwasher up to eleven.


Comment posted by Crb145 deleted Apr 1st, 2020

I think your fic is amazing keep up the great work =3

Things are getting interesting and crimson gives me a slight diavolo vibe mixed with hints of Pucci I can’t wait to see what he can do

She should be shooting party poppers I tell you!

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