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When they're bored on weekened nights, the Young Six all like to play a game of Questions and Answers with each other to lead into conversation topics. Gallus asks a question about Ocellus's changeling abilities that leads to interesting revelations about everycreature.

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Comment posted by Lemon Lime Light deleted Nov 4th, 2019

I wanna know which form Ocellus took, also almost admitting that she's a Queen :trollestia:

pretty funny. Only thing I would have done differently was give them a little more variety in their preferences.Maybe keeping Yona and silver stream straight (with silver having a thing for Gallus) and maybe Smoulder stay a lesbian with a crush for Ocellus. These are nitpick really, but it makes them seem a little more special. Anyway, good writing.

“Stupid, sexy, changeling…”

Not only that, but it was far away from any other ponies in the dorms

Also other races, not just ponies. Shouldn't it be "creature"?

Is the fact that I’m in a country of herbivorous

Herbivores, not herbivorous - the latter is an adjective, not a noun.

“I’ve know all of yours, since the day we met


“That,” Ocellus said, “What the absolute most attractive Gallus could possibly find a female.”

"That was the absolute most attractive female Gallus could possibly find."

I read that last one as is; He is such a narcissist that the most sexy female is himself ;)

It should be noted that despite the popular conception, equines are actually omnivores.

Dan #8 · Nov 5th, 2019 · · ·

Spike and Smolder? Nah, she like a cool big sister to him.


Spike and Smolder? Nah, she like a cool big sister to him.

I'm pretty sure I've seen that setup before on pornhub... :rainbowlaugh:

No one has heard of the term "heart song"? I hear those are banned in Griffonstone.


I always liked the idea that Cadance has a special love for Oysters and Gravlax.

Pegasi are part birds, therefore they can and will eat fish.

Also horses and deer will eat meat based on opportunity.

There are arabian horses that eat crickets, locusts and camel meat... there's not much grass or hay in the desert so what else would horses eat there?

Also the show has ponies cooking and possibly eating eggs.

Not obligate vegans or herbivores.

I'm actually aware of that. But doesn't eating meat like, mess them up? Like, then they'll only have a taste for meat?

From what I've read, not really. Horses sometimes eat small animals or birds and if you have a sandwich lying around, they will eat the meat out of it.

The way you write the Student Six is simply delightful!
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. 😄

spelling errors abound, but they're possible to overlook
and i love how you avoided making this gallbar trash

Thanks, I've corrected the two incorrect word choices.

I actually thought hard about that first point. I did consider using creature, but decided to use pony. I'm pretty sure that at least for its first year, The Young Six were the only non pony members of the school. Since each country leader came with their student and made a big deal about dropping them off. Like they're all the test run and if it goes well, they'll allow more to enroll. And I don't really ever recall seeing anycreature other than ponies in the background. So, that's my rational for using pony in that case.

I heard they mostly do it for the salt in blood, because an all-plant diet is not very salt-heavy.

I wonna know the form too.

Comment posted by Alondro deleted Nov 5th, 2019

This feels like the lead up to an orgy.

Comment posted by TexasDragon1995 deleted Nov 6th, 2019

This was some great silly Student Six fun

No, they're herbivores. Herbivore does not mean "can never eat meat regardless of situation", just that their digestive system and other parts of their physiology are adapted towards eating plants, but not meat.

Wolves are an example of the opposite way; they're carnivores, but have been known to eat grass on rare occasion.

Comment posted by PiMan deleted Nov 6th, 2019

No one is hated more than he who speaks the truth - Plato

Actually, Wolves are only mesocarnivores (30-70% meat diet), so they can get by at least briefly on non-meat foods like fruits and even grains. Cats are a better fit there, being hypercarnivores (>70% meat diet).

Okay, I don't know about everyone else, but I would love for Ocellus to tell and show exactly what I am attracted to. Because right now I am just confused and trying to figure myself out. So where can I sign up?

Signing, VShuffler42

This is very funny. I enjoyed it. I especially liked the detail of meat consumption in Equestria due to influx of new creatures. Kind of reminds me of how alcohol is regulated in the Gulf states, that are Islamic but have a large expat community.

So is Ocellus a closeted changeling queen? And can read and control minds? :trollestia:

I smell a sequel.

Interesting Quora answer on the subject (https://www.quora.com/Could-horses-be-omnivorous)

The Arabian horse was created in the Nejd desert by the Bedouin. There is little or no grass in the Nejd for most of the year, so the Bedouin fed their horses for months at a time on on a diet of dried camel meat, camel milk, honey and dried crickets.

Having said all that, horses are relatively susceptible to botulism and Clostridium botulinum readily grows in spoiled meat. Horses have sometimes developed botulism as a result of eating dead mice, or peices of dead rabbits or rats, that had been inadvertently baled in the hay for the horses.

So susceptibility to disease would be a good reason for ponies not to eat meat. But then like humans, ponies have cooking technology. :pinkiehappy: :rainbowhuh:

Various errors aside, this was cute. There was a bit of an info dump to get us into the setting that I personally think could've been condensed into something shorter, but when I got to "ponies' rumored ability to break out into song and dance on near demand" I knew I couldn't go back. :rainbowlaugh:

“Everycreature in this room is bisexual.”

YES YES YES YES! Aside from loving this bit, I think this was just a really fun character exploration. I'm super glad to have read it, and I'm so happy you shared it with us!!

Would you be willing to write an M rated, clopfic sequel to this? That would be a very fun read . . . for more than one reason :raritywink:

...I wonder what she looked like if they all (at least the ones with wings) got "wingies"... It was probably Fluttershy.

I kind of finding hard to buy all of them being bisexual, only cause all the bisexuals I know insist bisexual is baseline so anything else is an oddity, something they share with devoted stright people. I find it's more likely nearly everyone goes though a phase where they explore the possibilities before settling on their "real" sexuality. I'd say in the end it's more an even split Ocelleus, Smolder and Silverstream as bi while Yona, Sandbar and Gallus are hetero, Yona and Sandbar hooking up and Gallus favoring females with more dominat personalities.
Am and Dash clearly gay. Flutters, Rarity and Twilight hetero and Pinkie though having a male soulmate bisexual.
Of course these are my opinions and frankly bisexual settling into a traditional male x female relationship doesn't mean they stop being attracted to the other sex.

That ending was amazing:rainbowlaugh:

*Cackle.* I love this so much! Quite entertaining and an interesting read on their preferences!

“No no no!” Ocellus insisted. “Changelings can’t read minds. Only um, queens like mmm-Chrysalis!” Ocellus quickly changed what she was going to say, “Only queen changelings like her can control minds.

It took me reading this twice to realize Ocellus was about to say 'mom' right here.

Question for occulus how would a changling feed from someone with multiple personalities or in my OCS case being bound to 4 demons with there own separate beings and the fact they can control his body as a driving host at times

Soooooo gallus likes hermaphadites that are more female then male

“Nah,” Gallus put to rest Yona’s fears. “It’s mostly just small stuff, like rabbits and squirrels. Stuff you can justify not being on the same level as you. That way you can kill it and not think about its feelings,” He turned his eyes to the side, “Though I know a couple of butchers who wouldn’t care what they’re selling if they could get a good price for it.”

The capitalization of "He turned" doesn't fit the punctuation near it. It could either be

feelings.” He turned


feelings,” he turned

This story is extremely funny. I love it!

You and Sandbar are actually the only herbivores in the room

...Not quite true; horses can and will eat meat if there's no other choice, or if they're curious about what's actually edible. I've heard people call horses "opportunistic carnivores", in that while they don't usually eat meat - they need plants to grind down their constantly-growing teeth and to fill their digestive system - they will eat it if they get the chance.
I've also heard stories of people feeding their equines blood-soaked hay, and herring.

So ponies could indeed eat flesh - as long as it's not too rotten, since they can't vomit.

There was a whole conversation about this earlier. And I did some more of my own research

TL;DR: Ponies can eat meat. Any herbivore can eat meat. The problem is that they can't digest it very well. Ponies and Horses are still herbivores

Great story and points for the Stupid, Sexy, Changeling.

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