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Silverstream loves her friends more than anything in the world. She wants for them to be happy all the time. But when she notices a lack of family getting in the way of Gallus's happiness, she makes it her mission to fix that. How will she fix it? Simple. Just let him share hers! All she has to do is convince her family that Gallus would make the perfect addition to it. Oh, and not tell them about her motives in the process, since it's going to be a surprise after all.

Of course, because she's being so secretive about it, the other parties involved can't help but misinterpret her intentions on trying to sell Gallus to her family....

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Wanderer D

Okay. That premise is adorable.

This fanfic is cute so far, and you’ve nailed Silverstream’s voice. This part is oddly-worded, though:

Sandbar’s sister just learned to realize that I’m not a Cat Pegasus.

I would recommend removing “to realize”.

the whole thing's adorable, you mean

This is going to be interesting.
'Headmare' is one word fyi

This is so cute! Like, seriously, this is the most wholesome thing I've ever read on this site! I wonder if things will go according to plan for Silverstream...probably not. But anyway, you've got my attention! Can't wait to see where you take this!

It’s as though someone distilled essence of Pinkie Pie and Cadence and then injected them into a sea bird. That’s basically Silverstream.

Sure, but why?”

Oh no, oh no, oh no! I hadn’t thought about a reason.

Silverstream I love you, but you can be a real airhead some times... Never change.
This was really nice, keep it up

Everything about this is so in-character for Silverstream. The narration, the dialect, the goal, the motivation, and even the airheaded lack of foresight. This is so cute and I can't wait to see where it goes.

Talk about coming on strong.

Oh boy, this is going to be great!
I feel really bad for Gallus though, that crushing self doubt is really not great.

I really hope this all turns out well.

I'm pretty sure Silverstream's parents have a long distance relationship instead of divorced. I'm mean Silverstream did say that some Hippogriffs preferred being underwater. Plus, Ocean Flow is Queen Novo's sister so while Novo is on land running things, Ocean Flow helps out in Seaquestria.

I'm never gonna elaborate on whether or not Sky Beak and Ocean Flow are divorced or not. Let's face it, Surf and/or Turf felt like it was meant to be about a child dealing with divorced parents. But I'll never give a direct answer to that question here, leave it to the reader's interpretation.

Regardless, I did feel like it was natural for Gallus to assume that. He knows so little about families in the first place. He didn't even know what cousins were.

Yeah, it's natural for Gallus to assume it

Oh I am loving all of this! XD

And I think she’s making a huge mistake. I’m not worth loving. She could do so much better than me. But now she’s bringing me back home so she can get her family’s approval for us to date.

Oh, geez. I can already tell this is going to get awkward. I’m SO ready.

“Well, no. I just kind of bummed the attic of off whoever I could pay in Griffonstead.”


this is too adorable

we need more of this. now.

Loving the story. This most go on.

My guess for what is coming:
I can see her family hearing Silverstream asking their permission for Gallus to join the family, and thinking that she is asking for them to sign allowing her to marry young. I know States that allow people under 18 (some as young as 14.....0_0 with judge approval) to marry with parental/guardian approval.

Silverstream going on her honeymoon back to the school without understanding she is marred would be a funny sight.

Ocellus: *Looks at paper Sliverstream hands her.* "Silverstream ... This is not an adoption certificate."
Silverstream: "Yes it is. Gallus even called my parents mom and dad after signing, and my other bother Terramar said he is happy to have a big brother now. Plus, Starlight is moving us to the same room like brother and sister."
Ocellus: "...."

Ok, that made me have a good chuckle, but not quite what I want to do. Next chapter we will see another dynamic of confusion go up

By the time I did find Silverstream, she was already with her family. I recognized them from the Family Appreciation Day thing a few months ago. She was giving her dad a huge hug. He was tall. I already thought that Silverstream was tall, but her dad was even bigger than her! Or maybe I’m just short? To make me even more insecure about my high, her brother was also slightly taller than her, and thus, still taller than me.

O my god i her so scary when I read this. Context: y read using google translator and when Gallus says “more insecure abut my high” it translate has “more insecure abut my drug addiction”. My face was like WTF

Lol sorry my foreign friend. That has to be the funniest way to catch a spelling error tho

Well is not technically a spelling error is more like a translation error. Funny detail I accidentally recharged this page and when I use the translator again it translate in the correct way

No it was a spelling error, I fixed it

Oh, well thanks for fixing it

When is the next update

This is TOTALLY something I could see Silver doing. And that’s why she’s best young 6.

Hey man how's everything?

When is the next update I am really anxious saw it

“There’s, a number of problems with that actually.”

“Like what?”

“Well um, for starters, you’re only fifteen. Gallus is actually a year older than you. I’m fairly certain that you have to be an adult to adopt somecreature.”

“But that just means I can love him even more!” I protested. “I know him better than any adult ever could!”

“I’m not doubting you on that! But, there’s a lot more to adopting a creature than just loving them. You have to also show that you’re capable of providing for him. That means you have to have a stable job and a sound home. You’re still in school and live with your parents.....

.......“I wanted to adopt Gallus because I couldn’t imagine what it must have felt like to not have somecreature like my mom and dad and Terramar growing up. But why not just give him all of that! I’ll just get my parents to adopt him!”

“That…that’s not what I meant!” I think I was overwhelming Ocellus again. Smolder had been telling me that I needed to calm down when it was just me and her. “That’s a big thing to spring on somecreature, Silverstream. They’ve never even met Gallus.”

To get the same end goal of getting Gallus to be a part of your family (without the hurtles of being able to provide, or your parents ever meeting him), is marriage.
Also, if you're eloping to anywhere, then you can show back up to Seaquestria already married.

“And as far Head Mare Starlight knows, he did.” I looked at Gallus really confused. “Look, after the fifth form he had to sign, Grandpa Gruff wouldn’t even let me come back here until I could convincingly forge his signature. This is only the second time I’ve done this, but she bought it the first time.”


“Gallus?” Silverstream snapped me out of my thoughts. Oh right, I’m still not used to the fact that creatures actually want to talk to me now. “Are you listening?”

“Huh? Oh sorry, I was um, busy looking out the window? What were you saying again?”

I'm not sure if I should interpret that as funny or depressing.
Maybe chuckle as a single sad tear goes down my face?

When we arrived at Mount Aries, Silverstream didn’t even wait for the train to stop.

The hippogriffs named their mountain after the Greek god of War?
The hippogriffs suddenly became really metal!

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Comment posted by Great White Prime deleted Jul 23rd, 2020

Hey, how is everything okay? I want more. At least, you have had summer online classes and now fall classes, if you're still going to school. Also, here's a Rainbow for you. 🌈

Cute profile pic and story! Please make more!

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